Chocobo Dyeing

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Chocobo Dyeing is the most common name attributed by players to the system of coloring the plumage of Chocobo Companions by feeding them certain snacks. The system is a heavily customized RGB color model in which deeper colors have lower values and approach black, whereas lighter colors have higher values and approach white.

All chocobos start at Desert Yellow (rgb(219,180,87)) and can be reset to this at any time by feeding the chocobo a Han Lemon.


Collaborative discussion and experimentation with the system has so far yielded the popular theory that each fruit either lightens or darkens one color with a weight of about 5 of 255 points, while having an equal and opposite effect on the other two colors. For instance, feeding a Xelphatol Apple will add five points to red, but subtract five points from green and blue. The system then rounds your current value to the nearest possible color.

In order shift your chocobo's color directly towards a desired goal, you must know the RGB values of the color your chocobo is and of the color you'd like it to be so that you can find the difference between them and systematically feed fruits that will have that effect.

For example, to move from Desert Yellow (rgb(219,180,87)) to Millioncorn Yellow (rgb(228,158,52)), you would simply feed Xelphatol Apples, driving the R value from 219 upwards towards 228 while driving the G and B values down from 180 to 158 and 87 to 52, respectively.


Feeding your chocobo a single fruit (other than a Han Lemon) will trigger the message, "[Chocobo Name]'s plumage will change in 6 hours." In that six hour time window, any fruits fed to the companion will be added to the cumulative value change. Each time you see the message, "[Chocobo Name] is beginning to grow new feathers!", your chocobo's current color value has moved into a new color's window. When the timer is up, the chocobo's feathers will change to the color their current value is nearest to. If the chocobo is removed from the stable at any time in this six hour period, the change will be canceled and all fruit fed will be lost.

There do appear to be some randomized elements built into the system, though how they work is poorly understood. For this reason, some players prefer to feed fewer fruits per six-hour session to move shorter distances more predictably, while other players prefer to feed many fruits at a time in hopes of making larger leaps towards their desired color. If the latter approach is used, it is recommended not to feed all of one fruit, then all of another, then all of another because you may cause one of the three values to hit its maximum or minimum in the middle of the process, invalidating the planned mathematical value changes. Feeding a few of each type at a time should prevents this from happening.

Snack Effects[edit]

These values are theoretical. With currently available information, they have a great deal of supporting evidence and seem functional, but the mathematics involved may be purely descriptive and not reflective of the actual system.

Chocobo Snack Description ΔR ΔG ΔB
Han Lemon Known to restore feathers to their original hue
Xelphatol Apple Known to deepen the red hues of feathers
+ 5
− 5
− 5
Doman Plum Known to lighten the red hues of feathers
− 5
+ 5
+ 5
Mamook Pear Known to deepen the green hues of feathers
− 5
+ 5
− 5
Valfruit Known to lighten the green hues of feathers
+ 5
− 5
+ 5
O'Ghomoro Berries Known to deepen the blue hues of feathers
− 5
− 5
+ 5
Cieldalaes Pineapple Known to lighten the blue hues of feathers
+ 5
+ 5
− 5

Color Table[edit]

These HEX values are confirmed as exact as of Patch 2.38. Please do not edit them without certainty of their adjustment.

Color Name Example HEX RGB
  Snow White #E4DFD0 rgb(228,223,208)
  Ash Grey #ACA8A2 rgb(172,168,162)
  Goobbue Grey #898784 rgb(137,135,132)
  Slate Grey #656565 rgb(101,101,101)
  Charcoal Grey #484742 rgb(72,71,66)
  Soot Black #2B2923 rgb(43,41,35)
  Rose Pink #E69F96 rgb(230,159,150)
  Lilac Purple #836969 rgb(131,105,105)
  Rolanberry Red #5B1729 rgb(91,23,41)
  Dalamud Red #781A1A rgb(120,26,26)
  Rust Red #622207 rgb(98,34,7)
  Wine Red #451511 rgb(69,21,17)
  Coral Pink #CC6C5E rgb(204,108,94)
  Blood Red #913B27 rgb(145,59,39)
  Salmon Pink #E4AA8A rgb(228,170,138)
  Sunset Orange #B75C2D rgb(183,92,45)
  Mesa Red #7D3906 rgb(125,57,6)
  Bark Brown #6A4B37 rgb(106,75,55)
  Chocolate Brown #6E3D24 rgb(110,61,36)
  Russet Brown #4F2D1F rgb(79,45,31)
  Kobold Brown #30211B rgb(48,33,27)
  Cork Brown #C99156 rgb(201,145,86)
  Qiqirn Brown #996E3F rgb(153,110,63)
  Opo-opo Brown #7B5C2D rgb(123,92,45)
  Aldgoat Brown #A2875C rgb(162,135,92)
  Pumpkin Orange #C57424 rgb(197,116,36)
  Acorn Brown #8E581B rgb(142,88,27)
  Orchard Brown #644216 rgb(100,66,22)
  Chestnut Brown #3D290D rgb(61,41,13)
  Gobbiebag Brown #B9A489 rgb(185,164,137)
  Shale Brown #92816C rgb(146,129,108)
  Mole Brown #615245 rgb(97,82,69)
  Loam Brown #3F3329 rgb(63,51,41)
  Bone White #EBD3A0 rgb(235,211,160)
  Ul Brown #B7A370 rgb(183,163,112)
  Desert Yellow DBB457 rgb(219,180,87)
  Honey Yellow #FAC62B rgb(250,198,43)
  Millioncorn Yellow #E49E34 rgb(228,158,52)
  Coeurl Yellow #BC8804 rgb(188,136,4)
  Cream Yellow #F2D770 rgb(242,215,112)
  Halatali Yellow #A58430 rgb(165,132,48)
  Raisin Brown #403311 rgb(64,51,17)
  Mud Green #585230 rgb(88,82,48)
  Sylph Green #BBBB8A rgb(187,187,138)
  Lime Green #ABB054 rgb(171,176,84)
  Moss Green #707326 rgb(112,115,38)
  Meadow Green #8B9C63 rgb(139,156,99)
  Olive Green #4B5232 rgb(75,82,50)
  Marsh Green #323621 rgb(50,54,33)
  Apple Green #9BB363 rgb(155,179,99)
  Cactuar Green #658241 rgb(101,130,65)
  Hunter Green #284B2C rgb(40,75,44)
  Ochu Green #406339 rgb(64,99,57)
  Adamantoise Green #5F7558 rgb(95,117,88)
  Nophica Green #3B4D3C rgb(59,77,60)
  Deepwood Green #1E2A21 rgb(30,42,33)
  Celeste Green #96BDB9 rgb(150,189,185)
  Turquoise Green #437272 rgb(67,114,114)
  Morbol Green #1F4646 rgb(31,70,70)
  Ice Blue #B2C4CE rgb(178,196,206)
  Sky Blue #83B0D2 rgb(131,176,210)
  Seafog Blue #6481A0 rgb(100,129,160)
  Peacock Blue #3B6886 rgb(59,104,134)
  Rhotano Blue #1C3D54 rgb(28,61,84)
  Corpse Blue #8E9BAC rgb(142,155,172)
  Ceruleum Blue #4F5766 rgb(79,87,102)
  Woad Blue #2F3851 rgb(47,56,81)
  Ink Blue #1A1F27 rgb(26,31,39)
  Raptor Blue #5B7FC0 rgb(91,127,192)
  Othard Blue #2F5889 rgb(47,88,137)
  Storm Blue #234172 rgb(35,65,114)
  Void Blue #112944 rgb(17,41,68)
  Royal Blue #273067 rgb(39,48,103)
  Midnight Blue #181937 rgb(24,25,55)
  Shadow Blue #373747 rgb(55,55,71)
  Abyssal Blue #312D57 rgb(49,45,87)
  Lavender Purple #877FAE rgb(135,127,174)
  Gloom Purple #514560 rgb(81,69,96)
  Currant Purple #322C3B rgb(50,44,59)
  Iris Purple #B79EBC rgb(183,158,188)
  Grape Purple #3B2A3D rgb(59,42,61)
  Lotus Pink #FECEF5 rgb(254,206,245)
  Colibri Pink #DC9BCA rgb(220,155,202)
  Plum Purple #79526C rgb(121,82,108)
  Regal Purple #66304E rgb(102,48,78)