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Consolation Icon.pngConsolation
Orders Seraph to execute Consolation.
Consolation Effect: Restores the HP of all nearby party members
Cure Potency: 250
Additional Effect: Erects a magicked barrier which nullifies damage equaling the amount of HP restored
Duration: 30s

Maximum Charges: 2

Acquired: Scholar Icon 1.png Scholar (Lv. 80)
Affinity: Scholar Icon 1.png SCH
Potency: The mathematical base strength of an ability.300
Range: The range of an ability, measured between player and target, in yalms.0y
Radius: Self: Ability targets the user alone.0y
Charge Time: The rate at which charges are accumulated.30s
Charges: The maximum number of saved charges, allowing for an ability to be executed multiple times in quick succession. x2