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The Corpse Brigade was once a functional division of the Ala Mhigan army during the reign of King Theodoric. Bearing a notorious reputation, they were known for serving as his personal guard and trained in counter-monk tactics in opposition to the Fist of Rhalgr[1]. When Theodoric fell, the Corpse Brigade fled retribution from the rebellion, becoming little more than a band of criminals and thieves with hardly any connection to their past status. Their headquarters is a small enclosure in the region of Southern Thanalan known as the Sepulchre[2], where they harry the Resistance and the residents of Little Ala Mhigo with raids, kidnappings, and poisoning of the Ala Mhigans who fight against them[3][4][5]. In extension to constant assaults against Ala Mhigan refugees, the Corpse Brigade blocks important thoroughfares of travel for Ul'dah merchants and demand coin for passage[6] They also profit from the trafficking of their poisons to the Alacran[7], and participation in deals between beast tribes for hostages through the Ascians[8]. They are also considered problems by the Order of Nald'thal due to their acquisition of excerpts of the Necrologos[9]. These issues with the Ul'dahns force the sultana to request adventurers to assist the Brass Blades in detaining and putting to the sword members of the organization for their crimes.
Members: Gisfrid the Grinder, Milleuda the Slitter, Theobald
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The Corpse Brigade is responsible for the destruction of the Fist of Rhalgr as ordered by Theodoric in 1552. They also partook in the requested assassinations of nobles and innocents and anyone that got in the way of the Mad King[10][11].
The Corpse Brigade is named in reference to the organization of the same name in Final Fantasy Tactics, the revolutionary militia made up of peasant soldiers who were denied pay after the Fifty Years War
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