FFXIV:Drop Rate Policy

Policy/Usage on {{Drop Rate}} Template

This template provides a way for GamerEscape editors to collectively count and calculate drop rates and prices for various items and activities. Below describes the manner in which each should be used, and identifies certain preferences and policies for such use.

{{Drop Rate}} Template

{{Drop Rate|number of items|total kills}}
{{Drop Rate|100%}}
  1. This template may be used to record the rate at which any individual item may drop from a monster.
    1. When used in this manner, this template should be used on the monster page only (i.e. not on zone pages).
  2. This template may be used to record the rate at which an item is acquired from a chest where multiple items are possible
  3. The "100%" option should be used where appropriate to demonstrate that the item drops 100% of the time.
  4. When adding drop rate information, add your results to the existing tally, instead of replacing them. For example, if the current tally is 3/45, and your results are 1/6, then the new value should read 4/51.
  5. Each instance of this template is independent of each other. Thus, the total drops recorded for a particular monster do not need to be even for each drop. The preference is to report on each possible drop, but it is not necessary.
    1. Note: No accuracy is sacrificed with varying tallies between dropped items. Those with more reports are simply inherently more accurate than those with less reports. Similarly, no special precautions are necessary when reporting drops where treasure hunter or other similar abilities were employed, as the results will even out over time.