Feats of Strength

This quest is 'Obsolete' and has either been replaced with another quest or removed from the game entirely.
Removed Icon.pngFeats of Strength  OBSOLETE/REMOVED
Removed Quest
Removed Quest
Was Issued By: Haurchefant
Was Quest Type: Main Scenario Quest
Formerly Required Quests: The Rose and the Unicorn
Formerly gave Optional Rewards: Boarskin Harness
Altered Linen Cowl
Allagan Silver Piece
Obsolete Quest Journal Entries
  • Lord Haurchefant has a humble request.
  • Lord Haurchefant has asked that you help train his knights while you wait for your inquiries to bear fruit. Speak with the storied knight outside the western walls to learn how you might be of service.
  • The veteran wastes no time, immediately calling out to three young knights under his command, who attack you without warning. However, their greater numbers are no match for your superior skill. Inform Lord Haurchefant that you have done as requested.
  • Lord Haurchefant praises your performance, admitting that he observed everything from the stronghold's walls. Remarking that you are doubtless a man of action, he proposes that you take a more active role in his inquiries into the whereabouts of the Enterprise.