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NPC Icon.pngGijuk  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Bangaa / Male

Last Known Location:

Kugane - Airship Landing (Kugane) (x:10.1, y:12.1)
Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Kugane → Kogane Dori Markets


Zone Sublocation Coordinates Map Patch
The Prima Vista Tiring Room (x:5.9, y:6.1) Map 4.3
The Ridorana Lighthouse The Ridorana Cataract (x:11.7, y:13.8) Map 4.3
The ''Prima Vista'' Bridge (x:6.2, y:6) Map 4.3
Kugane Airship Landing (Kugane) (x:10.1, y:12.1) Map 4.5

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Covered from head to toe in the deep bronze scales common amongst those Bangaa of the Faas clan, Gijuk is the smallest of his royal fusilier companions. The talented sharpshooter, however, makes up for his lack in size with a keenness of sight and sharpness of intuition to rival even the greatest of hunters. As such, he is oft tasked with the band's scouting duties.

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