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  Monster / Sylph

Zone(s): East Shroud - Nine Ivies - Little Solace (21-25)
Occupation: Weaver

This one greets walking one. Does walking one need something of this one?

Knolexia is a sylvan weaver who lives in Little Solace. With her needle and thread, she can create anything from houses to enchanted embroideries to repel hostile creatures with her skills. Using the blood of djiggas she creates a magic talisman to protect the savior of Little Solace from harm. [1]

Starts Quests (1)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
The Blood Price &000000000000002400000024 4620 1399 Sidequest
Involved in Quests (3)

Additional Dialogue
What do you do here?
This one is called Knolexia. This one is tasked with weaving for the benefit of all these ones. These ones are skilled at waving. With needle and thread, these ones can make most anything, even houses! Walking one notices embroidery on homes? Enchanted patterns for repelling dark things!

What kind of place is this?
This place is called Little Solace, new home of these ones. These ones used to live happily deep in the wood, but then naughty ones went and summoned a primal one. Fearing naughty ones who became touched ones, these ones fled the homeland. Thanks to horned one Kan-E, these ones could build a new home here. This one knows not when, but some day these ones will return home. This one is hopeful!
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