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Krile (Unending Codex)

Unending Codex Icon.pngKrile
Acquired from: Friends for the Road
Unending Codex
Krile Baldesion
Scion of the Seventh Dawn
Orphaned as a child and taken in by Galuf Baldesion, founder of the eponymous Students of Baldesion, Krile was blessed with power of the Echo─though in her early years it seemed to her more a curse. Uncommonly sensitive to the feelings of others, unwelcome thoughts flooded her mind, leading her to develop a guarded personality that many found off-putting. Seeing this, Galuf gave her a cat-eared hood, assuring her that her gift was not something to be bemoaned, and that it would one day prove a tremendous strength. Moved by her grandfather's words, Krile vowed to devote herself to her studies, that she might use her power to serve the greater good.

Displaying a remarkable aptitude in the mystic arts, Krile attended the Studium in Sharlayan, joining the Faculty of the Arcane and becoming highly skilled in healing and curing magicks. It was at this time that she made the acquaintance of Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur, with whom she maintains a close friendship to this day. After graduation, she joined her grandfather's research organization, eventually coming to Eorzea to support the Scions of the Seventh Dawn as they rebuilt their operation following the bloody banquet in Ul'dah. She lent her impressive knowledge of the arcane to the search for the missing Minfilia.

Krile chose to remain in Eorzea for the foreseeable future, both out of a desire to support her friends, and for lack of a home to which she might return. Prior to her arrival, the Isle of Val was obliterated by a devastating spell akin to Ultima. While she herself was on the isle at the time, she was saved by the blessing of Light, and so she naturally fell in with the Scions. She soon became a full-fledged member, and thenceforth used her command of the Echo to serve her comrades on many an occasion.

Krile suffered a particularly harrowing experience when she was captured as a prisoner of war by the Garleans during the campaign to liberate Ala Mhigo. Her Echo made her a target, as the magitek engineer Aulus mal Asina sought to study the phenomenon and create an artificial variant. He succeeded in this endeavor, transforming Fordola rem Lupis and Zenos yae Galvus into beings he dubbed the Resonant. Krile was later rescued by the Scions, and after recovering from the ordeal resolved to repay the favor. Indeed, when her companions were forcefully summoned to the First and left in a comatose state, Krile took the lead in nursing the Scions back to health.

With the appearance of the Telephoroi and the looming threat of the Final Days, Krile returned to Sharlayan in hopes of gauging the true intentions of their governing body, the Forum, which to that point had stubbornly refused to approve any aid to Eorzea. Subsequently, she would use her influence as representative of the Students of Baldesion to arrange for her friends to visit Old Sharlayan.

Now that the Final Days have been averted and the Scions ostensibly disbanded, Krile has devoted herself to the restoration of the Students, recruiting the precious few survivors she has found, along with new talent, that together they might carry on her late grandfather's legacy and preserve their knowledge for future generations.