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Labor of Love

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 50   Labor of Love  Repeatable

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Guiding Star: Mor Dhona - Fogfens - The Seventh Heaven (x:22, y:6.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png50Wherefore Art Thou, ZodiacFeaturequest1 Icon.png Wherefore Art Thou, Zodiac (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Miscellaneous Reward

Dungeon Icon.png Haukke Manor (Hard) (Level 50)
Dungeon Icon.png Sastasha (Hard) (Level 50)
Dungeon Icon.png The Aurum Vale (Level 47)
Dungeon Icon.png The Lost City of Amdapor (Level 50)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Trunk-like arms akimbo, Guiding Star seems to radiate a deep understanding of crafting.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png50His Dark MateriaFeaturequest1 Icon.png His Dark Materia (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Allagan Resin
Vale Bubo
Amdapor Vellum
Indigo Pearl
Perfect Mortar
Perfect Pestle
Bombard Core
Sacred Spring Water
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Guiding Star

  • Trunk-like arms akimbo, Guiding Star seems to radiate a deep understanding of crafting.
  • His passion for crafting stirred by news of your quest to restore the arm of a Zodiac Brave, Guiding Star sets about devising a compound capable of becoming the weapon's frame. He lights upon Allagan resin as the ideal base for such a substance, and bids you scour southern Thanalan's markets for a lump of the stuff.
  • With an excited light in his eyes, Guiding Star accepts the Allagan resin, remarking that no other material in Eorzea is so mutable. Now that you have secured the substance's base, he goes on, an ore known as vale bubo is required to grant it rigidity, as well as a piece of voidweave to lend it a measure of suppleness. To procure such seldom-seen materials, you will have no choice but to brave the horrors of the Aurum Vale and Haukke Manor respectively.
※The Aurum Vale and Haukke Manor (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • The threats of the Vale and voidsent are at your back, and the vale bubo and voidweave safely in your possession. Deliver them now to Guiding Star in Revenant's Toll.
  • Now in possession of the wherewithal to make his proposed compound indurate and supple, Guiding Star's thoughts turn to imbuing it with elegance and beauty. He feels a slip of Amdapor vellum from the lost city will lend the former, and an Indigo pearl from Sastasha the latter. As ever, it would seem you will have to risk all if you are to reap the rewards...
※The Lost City of Amdapor and Sastasha (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • After shedding no small amount of blood, sweat, and tears, you now grasp a piece of Amdapor vellum and an Indigo pearl. Make your way back to Revenant's Toll, where it is to be hoped far fewer perils await.
  • All four ingredients now in his hands, Guiding Star thanks you for your tireless labor, and explains the next step: grinding the materials together to intermingle their powers. Alas, his puny mixing instruments are apparently incapable of withstanding the titanic forces which will be released in the process. Accordingly, he bids you find the only tools equal to the task: a perfect mortar and pestle, both of high quality.
※Certain ingredients required to craft these items can be obtained by desynthesizing aged goods sold at the Silver Bazaar.
  • You hand the perfect tools to Guiding Star, who is nigh salivating at the prospect of using them. Though his thanks are as effusive as ever, you sense that yet another request is in the offing─and are swiftly proved right when the craftsman tasks you with two further acquisitions: a Bombard core to heat the compound, and a bottle of sacred spring water to cool it afterwards.
  • All ingredients assembled, Guiding Star now sets to work crafting. Sweat streaming over a brow deeply furrowed with concentration, you watch as he grinds, hammers, heats, and cools. The result is zodium, a material of unsurpassed bonding perfect for recreating your arm of yore. Handing the material to you with a joyous laugh, the craftsman thanks you for giving him the chance to make something so wondrous, and prays the Builder Himself will give you success in remaking your arm of legend.
※If you have obtained all four items requested by Gerolt, you may return to Hyrstmill to have your Zodiac Weapon forged.

Quest Completed
Quest Completed

My friend! I have not forgotten the debt I owe you. Had you not kindled the flames of my imagination, I would never have created zodium.

Ah, my kindred spirit─have you come for more of Talan's “cookbooks”? Or do you have another purpose here this day?

Good day, adventurer. What brings you here? ...Hm? You're looking for someone wise in the ways of crafting and gathering? Well, I am but one who aspires to mastery, but I offer you my services nonetheless. What would you have me make?

Ahhh, so you want more, eh? Well, I would be happy to oblige, but I must warn you that I have none of the necessary ingredients─nor even the tools. If you are willing to procure them for me, of course...

Splendid! Then you'll need to return to southern Thanalan, and see if there isn't another jar of Allagan resin hiding somewhere in the markets. Byregot's beard... To think that I should have the good fortune to craft zodium again...

Eh? You need a versatile material with which to fashion anew the legendary arm of a Zodiac Brave?

Byregot's beard... That is no small thing. I daresay some form of dark matter would best serve your purpose, but you won't find anything suitable in Eorzea's markets. ...Which means you're going to have to improvise. A truly unique material is called for...

Well, you certainly know how to pique a craftsman's interest! I will aid you in this enterprise, adventurer!

To begin, we must scour every ilm of the realm for materials with the requisite properties. Our search may outlast our lives─mayhap our children's lives too─but we shall be vindicated in death, even if it takes five hundred years!

...Not one for jests, I take it. Heh! Even my passion is not so boundless. The materials I have in mind are hard to come by, 'tis true, but not so hard as all that. Allagan resin should serve as a base for our compound.

I hear some traders found a few lumps of the stuff amongst the Allagan ruins in southern Thanalan. If you browse the markets over there, you're sure to find one sooner or later. The journey will be long, of course─but not so arduous as searching every ilm of Eorzea, eh?
Quest Accepted
So you've returned, adventurer. Have you found our base material?
Quest Completed

Good, good. This will serve as a fine base.

Now we must imbue the resin with rigidity and suppleness. As before, I need a vale bubo from the Aurum Vale and a piece of voidweave from wherever voidsent congregate in great numbers.

The going may be rough, but that will only sweeten the reward. Good fortune attend you, my friend.

Ah, the fabled resin of Allag! An odd substance, I grant you. None alive know the true extent of its powers, nor less their source.

I believe, however, that any attempt to recreate the arm of a Zodiac Brave will founder without a base material as mutable as aether. This resin is one such substance. It will readily take on the qualities of whatever we choose to add to it.

...Which brings us on to the question of what exactly to add. Plainly, the compound must needs be indurate at heart, lest it break during battle, yet supple enough that no blow may make it shatter.

A vale bubo of the kind sometimes found within the Aurum Vale will provide ample rigidity. Born of brimstone and mythril, there is no more unyielding an ore.

As for suppleness, a piece of voidweave would seem the ideal choice. If rumors are to be believed, it is a cloth bound together by magicks from the dark realm. I cannot speak for the truth of such claims, of course, but I do know the fabric has only ever been found in areas where voidsent roam in great numbers.

I fear that acquiring these materials will require no small amount of effort on your part─but we can ill afford to compromise on quality if your dream of wielding a legendary arm is to become a reality.
Ah, adventurer. I trust the Builder lit your way through both the Vale and the voidsent?
Quest Completed

You prove your unwavering resolve again, friend! Another vale bubo and yet more voidweave!

Now that we have the means to imbue our compound with strength and suppleness, we must turn our thoughts to elegance and beauty.

As before, I would like you to bring me a slip of Amdapor vellum from the lost city, and an Indigo pearl from Sastasha Seagrot.

Though there is danger in obtaining these, I have every faith that you will succeed, just as you did before. But if ever you should falter, simply picture yourself wielding another arm of legend.

Well I'll be damned... The vale bubo and the voidweave, just as I requested. Well done to you, my friend, well done indeed.

Our work is far from over, however. Though we now possess the means to imbue our compound with strength and suppleness, it wants still for elegance and beauty.

For the former, I believe a slip of Amdapor vellum will serve. The people of the lost city used magicks to protect their writings against the ravages of time, meaning that perfect specimens can be found there even now.

As for beauty, an Indigo pearl would be best, but none save the Sahagin can wrest them from the Deep. That being the case, I'd suggest paying a visit to Sastasha Seagrot. The pirates there are thought to guard the fishbacks' treasures.

An arduous path awaits, adventurer, but he who faces the greatest risk reaps the greatest reward. Once you have brought these two, we will have all the materials we need. May the Builder light your way.
Quest Completed

Ah, to look again upon a slip of Amdapor vellum and an Indigo pearl, knowing that the glory of both will soon seem as nothing compared to that of zodium!

Ah, how elegant will our compound be for a slip of Amdapor vellum, how radiant for an Indigo pearl?
Quest Completed

Once again, you've braved mortal danger to furnish me with each of zodium's key constituents. Naught can stand between you and your heart's desire, eh?

It is well that you are so committed. As I think I mentioned, I'll still need you to provide another perfect mortar and pestle if I'm to make the compound. The previous set was all but destroyed in the process of making your last batch of zodium.

<sigh> 'Tis hard to believe that tools so fine should fail so fast, but such are the forces at work, my friend.

I cannot recall whether or not you fashioned the set last time, but you would not err in visiting the Silver Bazaar if you mean to craft the mortar and pestle now.

Your efforts have paid off handsomely, my friend. We now hold everything we need to imbue our compound with the necessary qualities.

...Which just leaves the small matter of making it. I will need to levigate the items you have gathered.

However, the forces released in their grinding are enough to shatter solid stone. Only a perfect mortar and pestle can withstand the magicks of mixing.

Though it pains me to ask more of you, could you procure a set? How you go about it is your business, of course, but my inner crafter tells me you can fashion them yourself.

If you are inclined to try, I would advise a journey to the Silver Bazaar. The components of antiques from ages past can find new purpose, after all.
Have you chanced upon the perfect mortar and pestle yet, adventurer? I can do nothing till you have the both of them.
Quest Completed

No matter how many times I hold these instruments, I cannot help but wonder at their fineness. Yet they are so swiftly broken... Oh well─such is the price of producing zodium, I suppose. Speaking of which...

We still need a Bombard core and some sacred spring water to heat and cool the compound. I trust you remember where to acquire them, yes? Then may the Builder light your way back.

Ahhh, the quality of these tools... I tell you, adventurer, 'tis rare indeed to work with such fine instruments.

I thank the Builder that you chose to entrust me with this commission. Had you not, I might have gone to my grave never having laid hands on anything so fine! Hah! I can hardly wait to begin!

Yet wait I must...unless you happen to have a spare Bombard core and some sacred spring water to hand. The first is to provide sufficient heat to ensure that the constituents blend properly during firing, and the second to quench the mixture without adding impurities.

Though no ordinary merchant will have either of these in stock, I'm quite sure an adventurer of your experience will be able to find them somewhere or other.
The completion of the process rests on your procuring a Bombard core and some sacred spring water. Do you have them?
Quest Completed
Quest Completed
Quest Completed
Quest Completed

Splendid work, my friend! The stage is set once again, eh?

You have labored long and hard to realize this dream of ours, my friend. It is time I did the same!

Well done, my friend! All the pieces are in place: our four key ingredients are ready to be mixed within the Allagan resin, and then naught remains but to heat and quench the blend.

Now, allow me to crown your efforts by bringing this miraculous material into being!

Ahhh, perfection! What need is there to say anything else?

This remains the crowning achievement of my life as a craftsman. I am deeply grateful to have had another chance to create zodium.

I present to you a material the like of which this realm has never seen.

It shall take whatever form an artisan wills, meld with whatever he commands, its very essence becoming one with the whole. No other substance can boast such strength, suppleness, elegance, beauty, and versatility─and naught else is fit to forge anew an arm of legend!

Friend─I give you...zodium!

Now go, and claim the weapon you have worked so tirelessly to recreate. May it forever remind you of all that we have done together!

Haha! That the lonely road to mastery should lead me here. You have my gratitude, adventurer, for fanning the flames of my curiosity, and urging me to venture into the unknown.

Now take this zodium, and reforge your weapon of yore!
Quest Completed
You have obtained all the necessary items to recreate a Zodiac Weapon. Report to Gerolt at Hyrstmill to proceed.
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