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Legacy Campaign

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Legacy Status is given to all players who subscribed to FFXIV 1.x for at least 90 days. To qualify for a legacy account you must have subscribed for at least 90 days before June 30th, 2012. Players with legacy status receive an exclusive chocobo mount, were able to request that their name be displayed in the credits for FFXIV: ARR, and have a lower monthly fee.


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The Legacy Campaign, along with the Welcome Back Campaign, was part of a two-fold initiative to entice players to return to Final Fantasy XIV after the restructured team, under Naoki Yoshida, began to make major changes to the game, but before the launch of A Realm Reborn.

Due to the negatively received launch and consistently lowering player populations, the game had remained in an indefinite and universal free trial from September 2010, but with losses mounting and costs accumulating due to the continued development of Version 1 and the then-unannounced rebuild, the decision was made to being the subscription based billing system. In October of 2011, Version 2.0 and the commencement of billing were announced simultaneously to soften the blow of what they knew would be an unpopular, though necessary, move.

Billing officially began in the beginning of January 2012, but it wasn't until after the revealing of drastic changes, particularly the Job System, that the Welcome Back and Legacy Campaigns were announced. The aim of the Legacy Campaign was to entice players, who had now had a chance to experience the improving state of the game and the team's vision for its rebuilding, to invest in its future by continuing to keep their subscriptions paid and active despite the game, as a whole, not being quite ready for prime time. Players who took part in the campaign would gain an upgraded status, referred to by the title Legacy Member, and would experience certain benefits in A Realm Reborn.


Any player who paid for any cumulative 90 days between the commencement of billing services on January 6th, 2012 and the suspension of billing services on September 29th, 2012 qualified for Legacy status, regardless of which 90 days were purchased or whether they were purchased as part of a larger plan.


Legacy Members are entitled to a discounted monthly subscription rate. Compared to the Entry rate of $12.99/30 days or the Standard rates of $14.99/30 days | $41.97/90 days ($13.99/30) | $77.94/180 days ($12.99/30), the Legacy rate is $9.99/30 days | $26.97/90 days ($8.99/30) | $47.94/180 days ($7.99/30) with no option to change the subscription type from Legacy to Entry or Standard.

Members also receive an exclusive Legacy Chocobo mount unique to the status, are eligible to request upon the launch of A Realm Reborn to have their character's name mentioned in the credits, and their characters have a Legacy Mark tattoo displayed on the upper back, which can be hidden (and redisplayed) through the text command /legacymark or /lmark.

Acquisition Rewards Moogle Message
Legacy Account Status Legacy Chocobo Whistle Thank you for returning to FINAL FANTASY XIV.
Enclosed is your legacy chocobo. Let him out of the box quick before he suffocates.
Legacy Account Status Fantasia Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY XIV.
Enclosed is a phial of Fantasia awarded to all those who purchased the original FINAL FANTASY XIV at release.
This item will grant you a single opportunity to edit your appearance in the character creation screen upon your next login. Please note that you must remove all gear before logging out to begin this process.