Miscellaneous Bonus

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Acquisition Rewards Moogle Message
Doppelganger Screenshot Contest (NA) in November 2013

All Saints’ Wake" Haiku Contest (EU) in November 2013
Starlight Celebration Screenshot Contest (NA)/(EU) in January 2014
Heavensturn Screenshot Contest (NA)/(EU) in January 2014
FFXIV: ARR Free Company Recruitment Contest (NA)/(EU) in January 2014
Valentione's Day Screenshot Contest (NA)/(EU) in February 2014
Heavensward Primal Haiku Contest (NA)/(EU) in June 2016

Ahriman Choker
Available between Patch 2.0 in 2013 and Patch 3.3 in 2016 for a limited time each year during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Cactuar EarringBomb EarringDodo EarringGoobbue EarringSlime Earrings
Heavensturn (2015) Screenshot Contest
Valentione's Day (2015) Screenshot Contest
Bluebird Earring
Formerly awarded from the achievement Once in a Lifetime. Removed in 2.0 Dalamud Horn
Awarded to participants and winners of certain contests during the 2016 Fan Festivals Gaelicap
Received from having an Final Fantasy XI account tied to your Square Enix account when you FIRST created a character ONLY DURING 1.0. It is not available anymore Hermes' Shoes
Prize for the runner-up in the September 2012 Gear Design contest Gysahl Ring
Rewarded upon winning the grand prize from the Jumbo Cactpot Mad Bird Ring
Received for completing the 1.x Hildibrand quest Prophecy Inspection Manderville Earrings
Rewarded from various FFXIV Contests such as the 1-year Anniversary Contest and Heavensward Free Company Recruitment Contest Mandragora Choker
Miscellaneous SE Contests. Scarf of Wondrous Wit
Mrs. Freshley’s Promotion Honey Bun
The "Do you even /Pose?" Forum Contest

Hairstyle Design Contest

Noble Barding
Grant-a-Wish (EU) Contest Magitek Torch (Red Lotus)
ARR 1-year Anniversary Video Contest Skyrocket
Complete floor 200 of Palace of the Dead. Glass PumpkinFirecrest N/A
Obtain a level 10 Attacker Chocobo Companion. Dragoon Barding N/A
Obtain a level 10 Defender Chocobo Companion. Paladin Barding N/A
Obtain a level 10 Healer Chocobo Companion. White Mage Barding N/A
Awarded to participants and winners of certain contests during the 2019 Fan Festivals Modern Aesthetics - Strife