White Mage Barding

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This is not an actual in game item, but is included here for completeness.
White Mage Barding Icon.pngWhite Mage Barding  Map17 Icon.png
A suit of chocobo armor designed to mimic the garb of the white mage.
Statistics & Bonuses:
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Acquisition Edit White Mage Barding's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit White Mage Barding's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Rewarded from Campaign: (1)
Campaign Acquisition
Miscellaneous Bonus Reach max Healer rank with your Chocobo Companion.

Notes Edit White Mage Barding's Notes
Note: If you respec your Chocobo Companion to a different role after maxing one role out in an attempt to 'game' the system and force it to give you a different barding, it will not work. If you reach level 10 and hit max rank in one role, you must then continue leveling your Chocobo and max out the second role in order to get the next barding. Once you max out two ranks and receive the next barding, you must then max your Chocobo out to level 20 in order to receive the final barding.

As an example: If you reach level 10 and max out your Chocobo's Attacker abilities, which will reward you with the Dragoon Barding, then you decide to use a Reagan Pepper and move all of your SP to the Healer role while still at level 10, you will not receive this barding. You will keep your Dragoon barding, but you will not receive a new one. You must max both the Attacker and Defender (or Attacker and then Healer) roles in order to get the next barding. Once you receive two bardings, you must then hit level 20 and max out all 3 of the Chocobo's roles in order to receive the final barding.

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