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A Guide of Sorts

«The Full Report, Warts and All

Estate Visitor»

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What duty could warrant the direct involvement of the Forum and the commitment of all its resources?

Judging by what we just heard, none of the gleaners were offered any kind of explanation. At this point, it seems abundantly clear that we'll learn nothing new by pressing them further.

We should head back to Y'shtola and Krile for the moment. See what they think of this.
Quest Accepted
...Where is Krile?
It's funny how normal the forest seems now. As a toad, it was all so much more ominous and threatening...
Welcome back. I trust you found Erenville, then?

Interesting... I had a feeling you would learn something important─even if that something was simply a confirmation that no one knows much of anything.

We should share this with Krile, then discuss how we'd like to proceed.

Assuming we find her back at the farm. She was still behaving oddly, so I bade her return and rest there...

Perhaps not the best decision, in hindsight. Would you mind checking near those flowers she was so entranced by? The rest of us can survey the more distant areas, just in case she decided to wander.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
For you. The spell will keep it from wilting.

She said you would need it for the journey ahead.

Will you speak with Her now? I cannot hope to match Minfilia's clarity, of course, but...
...Thank you.

Do not worry. She has lent me her body for only a moment.

Just as I could not save the First from the Flood of Light, it has become arduous for me to interact with the physical world without assistance.

Though I might converse with you for a time, the incorporeal form I assumed on the ship would be incapable of casting even the simplest enchantment.

It is in the depths of the aetherial sea—the place to which all life returns—where my influence is greatest.

After Minfilia's sacrifice on the First, it was to the sea, here in the Source, where I ferried her soul. I wished that gentle spirit to find rest in the world she loved so well.

Her...and another who may yet have a part to play. Though that will depend on you.

Take the flower. Walk free. For you are free—to go where you wish. To believe what you will.

That bloom will be your guide. Test and proof of your conviction.

In darkness seek joy. Surrender not to sadness, and see beyond despair. Walk free, and bear the light for others to follow.

Together, raise it aloft and let it shine. Till the end, blinding and radiant.
That was...all too brief. Already She seems so far away...

My apologies if I startled you. Ever since we began our descent into Labyrinthos, I had sensed another's will, straining to reach out.

Even with my particular talents, though, I was unable to make a connection at first. So weak and tenuous it was...

Once I took hold of that wispy thread, imagine my surprise to discover it was Hydaelyn Herself! Needless to say, it seemed wise to learn what we could before letting go.

Her answers were more cryptic than I would have liked... But at least She left us with a guide of sorts—that unusual flower.

Yes, we are definitely making progress!
You can't be serious! We've done nothing wrong!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

My father may be right─that I am still groping in the dark for answers. But I needed him to know that I would never stop searching. I owed that much to Arenvald...and myself.
Thank the gods for Scholarch Montichaigne. I absolutely loathe arguing in circles.
You may encounter some raised eyebrows, but do continue to claim the Students as your sponsor whensoever the need arises.
I believe in the guiding principles of the Scions...and I know my grandfather would have as well.
I apologize for the trouble I've caused you. I was pondering the significance of what I had just read as I left the restricted section...
...And knocked over the security mammet on my way out. I promise to be more vigilant next time.
Well, at least we've been allowed to remain in the city.

And our endless investigations have not been in vain─we now know that this mysterious duty of theirs began with whatever the Forum discovered in the aetherial sea.

With our freedoms so sorely curtailed, however, we will struggle to learn aught more of substance here in Sharlayan...
Quest Completed
We shall have to think very carefully about how we are to proceed from here.