Hobgob Smacker

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Gah, enough is enough!!!
...Sorry, friend, that wasn't meant for you. It's those bastard hobgoblins...
They know none of us are fighters, so they just skulk in and raid our foodstores, brazen as you please! But I bet you could give them somethin' to chew on, eh?
Here, take this supply sack and drop it just outside the village. Once them thieving blighters come sniffing about, you spring out of hiding and unleash a storm of righteous justice!
Justice must be served! Set the table with that supply sack and make sure them hobgobbers get a proper helping!
Yes! Vengeance for our missed meals and rumbling bellies! Fine work, my friend!
Hobgoblins have plagued this island for as long as anyone can remember. They're cunning enough to make tools, but still they act like beasts─mean, filthy brutes what lack the barest shred of common decency!
And even though you've cowed them for the moment, I fear the lesson won't stick. Oh, they'll be back. You can be sure of that.
In the meantime, we'll need to think of a more permanent solution...