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How my heart throbs with excitement! I can wait no longer for the Naadam!
A-All shall be well. I must have faith in myself and my yol...
Though we must ware the Oronir, it is the Dotharl who frighten me most of all. I have seen them in battle before. They are not men─they are monsters.
It has been many years since the gods bade the Mol fight in the Naadam. For us, it is the first time. The khatun says we will win, but...will we?
Though our journey home was rather more roundabout than I had anticipated, it was also more educational. I think it safe to say we are better prepared for the experience.
There is a tension in the air─an awareness of the coming storm. A nervousness, aye, but a confidence as well. Faith, perchance...
It's almost time for the Naadam! I'm so excited!

My friends. We are come to the final day of the Tsagaan Sar. To the Naadam.

The battle will commence with the rising of the sun. The Gharl will scatter the soil, and the Steppe will be unbound.

A great ovoo will erupt from the earth and call for a new khagan. All will converge upon the light, and the warrior who claims it will win the day.

Precious little time remains. Pray use it to prepare for the battle.
Many of the young ones have never taken part in a Naadam. They are nervous. Perhaps you might favor them with some few words? It would do much to ease their fears...
Quest Accepted
If you had come any later, we would have had to fight by ourselves...

At the behest of the khatun you speak with us, yes? You are kind to do so, and I am grateful.

Do not underestimate the power of words. A warrior conquers one with his hands, but a thousand with his head. Even you cannot fight forever.

War is not our way. We have no grand rites for those we send forth into battle. Only solemn prayers.
All know you for a warrior. They will heed your counsel, and take heart from your encouragement.
How strange this feeling... The thrill before battle... A battle in which I may die.
What will you say?

1) People die all the time. Many of them in their sleep.
2) We will fight, we will win, and we will return to Mol Iloh together.

...W-Wise words, I am sure. I suppose I should rightly thank you for your honesty...but I have so little time left...

Yes...yes of course we will! I must have faith! I must have courage!

I have not always understood the motives of the gods, but I have accepted their guidance ever since I was a child. If they would have us fight, I must believe they have their reasons.

So I shall fight with all my might! And if it is the gods' will, then we shall win!

Thank you again for your help. I will not let you down, my friend. I may be Mol, but I am nevertheless a warrior!

When we were young, my friends and I could scarcely wait to challenge Bardam's Mettle. We longed to become warriors...

The day came and went, but we rarely fought men. Mostly beasts. And now we must stand against the Oronir and the Dotharl. You have seen them─taken the measure of them. Do you believe we can win?
What will you say?

1) You can and will. Have faith!
2) It will not be easy...

Yes...yes! 'Twas the gods' will that we fight. Surely it is their will that we win! Of course!

No, it will not...but it is well that you acknowledge it. A warrior must be brave, but not foolhardy. I will not forget.

We must trust in the gods. Whether I live or die, it shall be in service to their grand design.

Ah, it is you. The one who helped the children with their chores. For that I must thank you.

Though mayhap I will repay the favor in battle. Yes, I too will fight in the Naadam, though you may not see me. While you and yours contest the ovoo, my comrades and I will devote our efforts to preventing other tribes from interfering.

We are few, and we are weak, but we shall do what we can to aid you. Go well, traveler, and if it be the gods' will, let us speak again when the day is done.

The children are of course too young to fight, but not too young to observe. Their time will come.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Already, I sense a change in the people. Their hearts soothed, their resolve strengthened. This we owe to you.

We are of the soil. The wind and the water. We are not conquerors.

But we are yet the children of Nhaama─we are yet Xaela. We were made for battle─to kill and be killed. We delight not in such things, but let no man doubt that they are in our nature.

Flesh, blood, bone─that which was given, we offer unto the gods as tribute. This day we embrace death. Ours and our enemies'.

So too must you embrace this truth, for this is who we are. Who you are become, as warriors of the Steppe.

May the gods guide you to victory.
All that remains is to wait for daybreak!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Though I know how much this battle means for the future of Doma, a part of me is glad simply for the opportunity to repay my debt to the Mol.
Mayhap their souls will shine bright in battle, but my steel will sing!
We're not dying here. Not when we've got a score to settle with Zenos.
You are ready for battle, Forename?
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
I see you, soil bearers...
The soil has been scattered, and the Steppe reborn! Sanctified and unbound, she calls for a new khagan!
Go forth and claim her, Dotharl, and bring death to all who bar your way!
It begins, Grandmother.
I must say, it's been a while... Is everyone ready?
Hah hah hah! A samurai is always ready. You shall remember this soon enough once I have taken to the field.
So we take on all comers, and then it's off to Doma! I can't wait!
Thank you, my friends.
Upon the soil of one and all shall our deeds be inscribed...
To triumph in the Naadam, you and your allies must race from Mol Iloh towards the ovoo in the distance, while fending off attacks from other tribes.

Once you arrive at the ovoo, you must claim it for the Mol. But be warned that the warriors of other tribes can do so as well, and only the first will be crowned khagan.

Prevent your opponents from claiming the ovoo and endure their assault to win the Nadaam for the Mol!
Grant us favor, O Mother of the Dusk, and to victory guide the Mol!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Duty Commenced
The ovoo lies to the south! I will lead the way!
Warriors of the Mol! You will go no further!
That didn't take long. Weapons!
I will deal with this rabble, my lord! Make for the ovoo!
My thanks, Gosetsu! Forward, brothers and sisters!
Gosetsu had the right idea!
I'll keep them busy─the rest of you, keep moving!
Thank you, Lyse! With me, Hien, Forename!
There it is! The ovoo! We are not too late!
The fighting is most fierce! No matter─charge!
They falter! Now, Forename─claim the ovoo!
What folly is this? Who dares to challenge the Sun?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
You came, as I knew you would. For you too are a warrior of the Steppe.
I salute you, traveler, and should be honored to face you alone...but the Dotharl thirst for blood and will suffer no duels.
Bear witness, Father Azim! The soil shall drink deep of blood this day!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
The most radiant brother has arrived! A pity...
Rise, brothers of the Sun!
An opening! Defend me, my friends!
Know your place!

The battle has only begun, child!

You will not deprive me of my pleasure!
Hearken to the chaos, brothers!
Lo, the mad udgan comes!
Still alive, Forename? Good! If we want to claim the ovoo, we'll need to deal with those two first!
In death do our souls sing!
I don't like the looks of those giant stone thingies!
Hmph. How dare you...
Well done, well done! Victory is within our reach!
The ovoo, Forename! Claim it! Claim it now!
Defend the ovoo! Let none pass!
Bow low, Xaela—you stand before a khagan crowned!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
The Steppe has spoken!? Then the khagan is...
We have won... The Mol have won! The Dawn Throne is ours!
We did it... And you, my were magnificent.
Magnificent...and, uh...not a little terrifying.
What a strange tale this is become. To think I suffered them to live...
On your guard, udgan. The wind warns of men in iron.
Hah-hah! I thought I'd find you here, Eorzean! Dearest of all my enemies!

Today's the day I finally get to kill you! And then they'll give me a shiny medal, and my choice of posting! Bloody perfect, it is!

Well, go on, then! Kill her! Kill 'em all!
Dearest of all his enemies, eh? Congratulations.
Hearken to me, honored warriors of the Steppe! Our enemies intrude upon this sacred ground! Have you yet the strength to oppose them!?
You forget to whom you speak, Doman. We are the undying ones.
We are Dotharl.
If this be the will of the Mol and their khagan, so be it. The Sun shall abide by the law of the Steppe.
What will you say?
Warriors of the Steppe—with me! Crush the imperials! Drive them before you!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Drive the ironmen from our lands! The khagan wills it!
Such fortuitous timing you have to face a Steppe united!
Now this is more like it! All the imperials I can punch!
That's the spirit! Let's not let her put us to shame!
Never did the thought cross my mind, my lord!
Hold fast, warriors of the Steppe! We can defeat them!
Let naught be left in our wake!
I don't like the looks of those giant stone thingies!
Get rid of them─now!
Oh, if I must... The Sun claims these ironmen!
Aid the khatun! She must finish her spell!
Bugger, bugger, bugger!
But I had you, I had you!
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Impossible! She was there for the taking! What do I have to do!?
I need more men...more weapons...more power!
As if we'd lose to the likes of him! And we're only gonna get stronger. Stronger and stronger until we're strong enough to take back everything they stole!
I have kept my promise, Cirina. They are yours to command.
Oh! Yes, of course!

Brothers and sisters of the Steppe! The Naadam is ended, and we Mol now claim the Dawn Throne.

No demands shall we make of you save these: heed our comrades' words, and honor the law of the Steppe!
Before I fought for the Mol, I fought for my homeland─for Doma...
To Doma would you have us go, to fight your war and win your freedom?

Very well. The battlefield matters not, nor else the enemy.
In battle do our souls burn bright.

And better the Mol's law than that of the Sun. Arrogant and foolhardy were their pronouncements. Already you and yours show better sense.
The Sun shall answer your call, Doman.
Wild as the wind the udgan and her brood may be, but they will deliver you naught. We will deliver you your kingdom.
Weak and few as we are, the Mol will fight for Doma too. If you will have us.
Well then! I believe naught remains but to return to Doma at the head of a Xaela army, my lord! I cannot wait to see the look on Yugiri's face...
Nor I. We shall depart as soon as our forces are assembled and rejoin our comrades. And then, my friends, we shall bring freedom to the people of Doma!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Go on! They're waiting for you!
The others have returned as well, it would seem.
The gods saw fit to return you to us. But what of your comrades? Where are they?
We won...we actually won! I mean, you did. If it were not for you...
From traveler to warrior, and now to khagan. What will you become next, I wonder?
I saw you fight, Forename! You were incredible!
Wherever did you learn to perform such feats? Is everyone in the West as strong as you? Can you teach me!?
Be still and let me set the bone! You are only making it worse for yourself!
<pant> <pant> I know, I know! A-A moment! Just...a moment, if you please!
'Twould seem this was not the day for either one of us to die! Nevertheless, I should be glad if the gods never bid me take up arms again. I am a trader at heart.

I...I have acquired a wound for my trouble. But it will heal with time and care. The children are gathering herbs for a poultice.

Had the Naadam not ended when it did, I would likely have perished. Thank you.
My arms, my legs...every part of me is tired and sore. I feel as though I could sleep for a fortnight...

I...I have acquired a wound for my trouble. But it will heal with time and care. The children are gathering herbs for a poultice.

Had the Naadam not ended when it did, I would likely have perished. Thank you.

Your imperial friend has truly impeccable timing. Had he come even a few moments earlier, he might actually have stood a chance.

In any event, that is two battles won in a single day. Which, by my reckoning, gives us twice the cause to celebrate!

But first, I pray you grant me a moment to express my gratitude. Thanks to you, we are one step closer to freeing my homeland from the tyranny of the Empire. I am in your debt.

Of course...if all goes to plan, this is like to be but the first of many such debts. Yet I promise to endure my insolvency with a smile, out of gratitude to the kami for seeing fit to send you hither.
Quest Complete