Step Nine

«Underneath the Sultantree Disorderly Conduct»
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You're an adventurer, yes? If you're not otherwise occupied, I've a favor to ask. I've resolved to repay a debt of gratitude, which I owe to the owner of the Coffer & Coffin.

For this purpose, I've purchased from the Royal Plantations a prodigiously plump pumpkin─a particularly popular piece of produce.

Alas, I cannot part this place to procure and proffer the pumpkin. You see, the scheduled shipment from the Nanawa Mines, for which I wait, is late.

I would prevail upon you to pick up the pumpkin in my stead, and see it safely to the Coffer & Coffin. Present this receipt of purchase to Gagari at the Royal Plantations, and she will yield it to you.

I apologize for asking you to attend to this time-consuming task, but I truly appreciate your assistance!
If Cicidoa doesn't come calling soon, this spectacular specimen shall sadly be past its prime...

Oh, so you're to deliver this decadent delight? I can say with confidence that any gourmand would be grateful for such a grand gift.

Here is the pumpkin. I hope it meets with Roger's approval. Fresh produce is somewhat scarce in these parts, and as such we are always deluged with demand.

You know the way to the Coffer & Coffin, correct? It is beyond the bridge to the northwest. Look for a place where local laborers lounge.
Drink fer ye, laddie? Ye won't get better ale or spirits fer yer coin than at me place.

What's that? Wee Cicidoa asked ye to bring this here to me? Ha! Heh, so even that foul-mouthed drunk knows the meanin' o' remorse.

Reckon this is fer the time I carried his drink-sodden arse back home.

But hells, an honest to gods pumpkin from the Royal Plantations! I can't wait to see what the cooks'll do with her. The lads here scoff down beastly amounts o' meat, an' it's startin' to tell on their health. It'll be good to get more vegetables in their bellies─assumin' I can get the stubborn bastards to try somethin' new.

Thanks fer the help, laddie!