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Unseasonable Chills

A Treat to Beat the Heat»

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Well, if it isn't my favorite adventurer! Come to enjoy the Moonfire festivities again this year, have you? I promise you're in for a scorchingly, swelteringly good time!

Welcome, my adventuring friend! Come to enjoy the Moonfire Faire festivities, have you? I promise you're in for a scorchingly, swelteringly good time!

As you may very well know, the faire is a storied tradition that, in recent years, has served to promote the effort of the Adventurers' Guild on behalf of Eorzeans everywhere. Once again, we've got a piping hot plate full of exciting activities for one and all!

This year, we've also been tasked by none other than Master Gegeruju─our ever-generous patron of the event─with creating the ultimate icy dessert to stave off the heat.

We'd more than welcome the aid of a skilled adventurer like yourself─and needless to say, we'd reward you well for your efforts. If you'd be willing and able to lend a hand, simply hop over to Costa del Sol and speak to my colleague Haermaga!
Quest Accepted

Well, if it isn't Forename! Come to help us create our frozen masterpiece, have you? Why, I couldn't have asked for a better partner in our confectionery challenge!

Welcome, friend, and I hope you enjoy the festi─wait a minute. That's adventurer's garb, if ever I saw some. Did Mayaru send you to help with our confectionery challenge?

And how glad I am to hear it! Gods' honest truth, we're in a bit of a bind here.

You see, though we've been tasked with making the most delightfully frosty dessert, we are suffering from a lack of the all-important ingredient: ice.

The shipment was supposed to come in bells ago, but word has it it's been held up by some disturbance in the area. Might you be so kind as to check with my associate P'obyano and see if she knows anything further? She should be just to the east of here, over on the beach.
I do hope that Nekeke's okay...
Given any thought to helping us beat the heat this Moonfire season? My colleague Haermaga at Costa del Sol's Isle of Endless Summer is waiting for you with bells on!

Forename! What a pleasure it is to see you again! Er, I imagine Haermaga's sent you to ask about the delayed shipment of ice.

What's that you say? Haermaga's sent you to ask about the delayed shipment of ice?

To be quite honest, the situation is something of a complicated one.

As you may have heard, for this year's festivities, Master Gegeruju has imposed upon us a rather daunting task: preparing the finest frozen dessert the realm has ever seen.

He promised us that he would spare not a single gil to see the deed done, so we decided to enlist the services of one of the realm's most prominent confectioners. All well and good to this point, yes?

As it turns out, this confectioner was a hopeless perfectionist. Insisting that only the finest ice in all of Eorzea would serve for her creation, she hopped on the next vessel to the northern seas.

...And that's the last we saw of her. It's not that I fear for her life, mind you─pardon the pun, but she's one tough cookie. That said, the festivities are all but upon us, and if she doesn't make it back soon...
(- Beachguy -)
Ye gads! That poor girl's drowning out there!
(- Nekeke -)
That garb...yes, it's her! Forename! That's Nekeke, the selfsame confectioner of whom I just spoke! We must help her at once!
I reckon P'obyano should know something about the delayed shipment of ice. The lass's always on top of the latest comings and goings here.
Will she be all right now? In any event, I'll leave her to your capable hands.
Oh, Nekeke! You've come back to us! Thank the gods...
P'obyano? Is that you? Why...I'm back in Costa del Sol!
You are, indeed! Whatever happened to you out there? Were you swept away in a storm!? Tossed from your boat by some eldritch horror from the depths of the sea!?

I fear my memory is still hazy... As I remember, we sailed to the northern seas, where─after braving the elements and some vicious fiends set on making a meal of me─I succeeded in procuring the most pristine ice I've ever laid eyes upon.

We began the journey back, and just as we were approaching Costa del's no use. The only thing I remember is our vessel capsizing, and my body being flung from the deck along with my hard-won supply of ice.

...But at least I made it back in one piece. And I have you and your friend here to thank for that, P'obyano.

Oh, my dearest friends! You, too, survived the shipwreck! Why, I couldn't be happier!
These creatures are your...friends?

Aren't they lovely? We met on one of the isles up north. I shared some of my treats with them, and next thing I knew, they were following me everywhere. They're gentle and strong─the most perfect companions, really.

All right, that's enough of the touching reunion! My precious ice is scattered all about the place. Go round it up and bring it here─on the double, now!
Well, would you look at that! They're quite clever, aren't they?
Oh, lucky day! The seals are intact, and the ice inside undamaged and unmelted. That means only one potential rub remains...

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What will you say?

It couldn't be...

A “rub”...?

Yes, as a matter of fact... The ice, you see, is everything I hoped it would be. Which is why it was rather to my chagrin when I later discovered that a dreadful fiend slumbered in the rather large chunk of ice that I had loaded onto our vessel.

Yes, it's all coming back to me now. As we neared Costa del Sol, with the balmy winds drifting in, I heard a dreadful rumbling coming up from the cargo hold...

I rushed down to investigate, only to see the fearsome creature. It appeared rather perturbed by the heat, and it suddenly began to swell larger and larger, until...boom!

...It would appear my own carelessness was the cause of our unfortunate incident. Fortunately, my furry companions and I have survived the shipwreck, as has my stock of the purest ice!

And yet, I fear that the fiend will be back, in search of the icy home I so unceremoniously stole from him. Whatever am I to do...!?

Have no fear, my dear Nekeke! In faires over the years, my friends and I have fought off more Bombards than you can shake a stick at! Why, “Bombard buster” could be my middle name!

Now, let's go apprise Haermaga of the situation─surely he'll have an idea as to how we can deal with the menace and kick the festivities off with a bang!
Poor Nekeke! Do you suppose she's all right...!?
As soon as I saw her, I swam out and brought her to shore, but...were we too late?
I reckon P'obyano should know something about the delayed shipment of ice. The lass's always on top of the latest comings and goings here.

Ah, Forename! I was wondering when I might hear back from you and P'obyano.

And I see our star confectioner has joined you as well! Pray tell, how did you fare?

...Oh dear. So while the ice has been safely procured, a blustery Bombard of behemoth-like proportions has been procured alongside it? No doubt that has something to do with the panicked screams I heard coming from the beach...

But not to worry! After all, what is the Moonfire Faire if not a season for blasting ill-tempered, hot-headed balloons out of the air? And I know just the person to assist us in the effort! Just a moment, now...
(- Thracie -)
...Say no more, Master Haermaga. I stand ever at the ready, my friends!
Wh-Who goes there!?
Surely you have heard the tales of Thracie, brave leader of the Bombardiers and bane to Bombards the realm over! Or perhaps you haven't─but no matter! Pray rest assured that I and my companions will see safety returned to your beaches.
Ba Go, too, has come to save the day! And he has brought his fun little toys─trinkets, trifles, toys! Oh yes, Ba Go has brought his toys that go boom!
And I'm R'fhul Tia! I may still be new to this adventuring business, but I promise you that what I lack in experience, I make up for in pluck! Pluck, spirit,
This whole mess was all my fault, and still so many of you have come to my aid. How can I ever repay you...
Nonsense, my dear! The ice you brought was at our behest, and all will be forgiven when you fashion for us the most delightful frosty dessert Master Gegeruju has ever laid eyes on! Besides, the exploits of Bombard-busting adventurers are sure to bring even more good publicity to the guild.
That settles it, then! Let's get out there and show that oversized ball of ice that the Isle of Endless Summer is no place for his ilk!
The FATE “A Blizzard of Bombards” can only be completed as a Disciple of War or Magic.
I'm not sure how much help I'll be. And yet I'm the one who brought this menace here─it wouldn't do for me to just stand on the sidelines while you do all the heavy lifting.
Haermaga's an old hand at Bombard busting. He's sure to have a trick or two up his sleeve that will serve us well.

Forgive me, my friends. I had every intention of joining you out there, but Master Haermaga would hear nothing of it. After all, he said, who would take my place in the kitchen if I were injured on the battlefield?

And so, loath as I am to do so, I leave the Bombards in your most capable hands!
I've no doubt you can handle the matter on your own, but hang my tongue if I'm not going to provide you with all the backup you require, and then some! Rest assured that some of my most capable colleagues will be joining you on the front lines.
Be safe out there, Forename! I'll round up some potions in case we need a freshening up from time to time.
That look of relief and supreme satisfaction on your I to surmise that you've succeeded in driving off that most baleful Bombard!?
Indeed! And we scarcely even broke a sweat in the doing! Isn't that right, P'obyano?
Quite so, my friend. Though I daresay it wouldn't have been nearly so easy without Forename at our side. I can't thank you enough, my friend!
And yet, we must remain ever vigilant, for there is no telling when the dread creature's friends may return to seek their revenge. In any event, the Isle of Endless Summer is safe for now, and that is what matters most.
You truly are heroes─all of you!
Well, all's well that ends well, I say. And with that, I say it's time we retrieved our supplies from the beach.
Splendid! Just you wait, my friends! Nekeke is going to prepare the most marvelous dessert this realm has ever seen!
Quest Completed
Ah, Forename! Pray tell, how did you fare?
Welcome back, my friend!