Lost Lamb

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Level Range 3-6
Lost Lamb.png
Sheep were domesticated by the Highlanders during the Age of Endless Frost. They spent countless years breeding the beastkin in an effort to produce animals that yielded a greater quantity of wool. The result is a species which now seems more fleece than flesh. Wild sheep can be seen grazing the grassy regions of La Noscea and Coerthas. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Middle La Noscea - Zephyr Drift  3-4 Mutton Loin Icon.png Mutton Loin (27.2%)
Ram Horn Icon.png Ram Horn (26.6%)

Middle La Noscea - Zephyr Drift (22-24)
  FATE Icon.pngOn the Lamb
 6 Mutton Loin Icon.png Mutton Loin Passive.png
Hunting Log (2)
Name Rank
Hunting Log: Arcanist 03 1
Hunting Log: Rogue 02 1
Quests (3)
Name Level Starter Type
A Sheepish Request &00000000000000030000003 H'lahono Sidequest
My First Axe &00000000000000010000001 Wyrnzoen Class Quest
Stabbers in Yer Fambles &00000000000000010000001 Jacke Class Quest
FATEs (1)
Name Level Location
On the Lamb 3 Zephyr Drift
Levequests (1)
Levequest Level
On the Lamb (Levequest) 1
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