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Magna Roader

Beastiary Icon.pngMagna Roader  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.pngDungeon Icon.png
Level 69
Magna Roader.png
Genus Description:
This imperial automaton is powered by magitek engines and fueled by ceruleum. This allows it to zip around at great speeds. It has two front wheels that act as arms and one back wheel for support. It also carries several exhaust pipes on its muscular back.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Castrum Abania (Zone) - Castrum Abania - Storage Compound - Terrestrial Weaponry
  Miscellaneous Dutyicon.pngCastrum Abania
 69 Aggressive.png
Dungeons (1)
Name Minimum Level
Castrum Abania 69
It is based on the enemy 'Magna Roader' in Final Fantasy VI's Magitek Research Facility.
Magna Roader uses the following moves and mechanics:
Attack Name Description
Wheel Tankbuster.
Magitek Fire II Targets a random player with a large AoE.
Magitek Fire III Group-wide AoE damage.
Wild Speed The boss will go invulnerable and multiple line AoEs will appear one after the other. This indicates the direction that the boss will be charging, with the last line down indicating where he will end. 12th Legion Optios spawn during this. Can only be stopped by the Magitek Pulse from the Cannon.
12th Legion Optio Two of these enemies will spawn on opposite sides of the room, manning the Cannon. Players must kill one of these NPCs to take control of the Cannon.
Mark XLIII Mini Cannon Untargetable until its 12th Legion Optio user dies. Allows the use of Magitek Pulse, which stops the boss' Wild Speed line AOEs.

Advice and Tips

  • You only need to kill one of the Optios, as the other will flee after you've hit the boss with Magitek Pulse.
  • The Wild Speed AoEs often overlap on top of the Cannons, which can make it difficult to use Magitek Pulse. Just try to position yourself where you won't get hit, or wait for it to roar past.
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