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Nowhere to Run

Mainquest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Nowhere to Run

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Zero: Zero's Domain (x:5.2, y:6.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Yedlihmad → Akyaali → Veteran Radiant → Passage to Troia Keep → Passage to Hydromantic Terraces → Passage to Zero's Domain

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90Groping in the DarkMainquest1 Icon.png Groping in the Dark (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Piety Materia IX
Battledance Materia IX
Quickarm Materia IX
Quicktongue Materia IX
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Having given you due warning, Zero would leave you to your own devices.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Zero and have her accompany you.
  • Gather information while Zero is accompanying you. 0/3
  • Accompany Zero to the designated location and then speak with her.
  • Accompany Zero to the designated location and then speak with her again.
  • Search for Farfarello while Zero is accompanying you.
  • Speak with Ciriatto while Zero is accompanying you.
  • Speak with Ciriatto again while Zero is accompanying you.
  • Speak with Ciriatto yet again while Zero is accompanying you.
  • Speak with Estinien.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png90The Wind RisesMainquest1 Icon.png The Wind Rises (Level 90)

  • Having given you due warning, Zero would leave you to your own devices.

'Tis quite a gathering of voidsent. I pray one among them has the knowledge we seek.
'Tis said that a person's domain is a reflection of what abides in their heart. If true, this place may offer a glimpse into Zero's past.
The longer one lives, the more one yearns for peace. I understand why some would sequester themselves here.

Consider yourselves duly warned. If you wish to go among the voidsent here, that is your choice to make.

All have fled from one master or another. But whether any of those masters in turn served Golbez, I do not know. You must ask them yourselves.

Most have traveled to your world, so it shouldn't be difficult to communicate.

We shall go about making inquiries at once. Thank you for your counsel.

Once we've learned all we can, let us reconvene at yonder plaza.

You're going too, of course? In which case, I shall accompany you.

I wish only to observe. Do not expect me to help.

Then it's settled. I'm ready when you are.
Quest Accepted

'Twas in order to strike down the Cloud of Darkness that my sister crossed over into the void.

What befell her after she vanished into the gate? How did she become Golbez's captive? These things and more, I hope to learn...

As you may recall, when a larger voidsent is summoned, only its soul makes the journey to the Source.

Upon its arrival, it takes possession of a host body. But during that time, what becomes of its actual body here in the Thirteenth?

The answer to this question may give us valuable insight into cross-rift travel.

To that end, while asking after Golbez, I shall also see what the voidsent can tell me about their experiences when summoned.

If a voidsent is too weak to create its own domain, it must join with others for protection.

Alternately, it might devour them in a bid to become stronger, but in so doing risk losing its sense of self.

'Tis an unenviable struggle...
Ready? Then lead the way. I leave it to you to decide with whom you speak.
Zero is now accompanying you. Keep her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

You can leave Zero behind by entering a different area, or by speaking with her and selecting the option to part ways.

If you wish to have Zero accompany you again, return and speak with her at the original location.
Although this is my domain, I don't make a habit of strolling about. 'Tis a strange feeling...
You have other business? Fine. Come and find me at my abode when you've finished.
Finished tending to your other affairs? Then let us continue on.
I call this my abode, but spend hardly any time here. I return only for meditation.

While physical wounds can be healed by replenishing one's aether, you can't preserve your form if you lose sight of yourself.

Such is the risk inherent in consuming another's soul. It dilutes your sense of self. Alters you inside and out.

To guard against this, I meditate. Visualize who I am, in a place all my own.
This is the heart of my domain. Normally it's deserted, but you and yours have drawn everyone out.

I don't recall this statue, though...

However it came to be here, I certainly didn't wish for it.
I thought you were her prey, but they say you're her minions. Which are you?

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.
To walk around with her like that... You're her minion, then?
You know I don't take minions. He has some questions, and I want you to answer them.

Golbez? I don't know that one. Only Scathach.

When she led us beyond the veil, I grew scared and fled.

I've been here since. I don't know anyone else, nor do I wish to. That's all I can tell you.
Scathach was a powerful voidsent who ruled over a vast domain. That was a long time ago, though, so I doubt she has any connection to Golbez.
I told you─I don't know anyone else, nor do I wish to. Leave me be.
Are you really a mortal? I've never seen a mortal before...

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.

You're one of the mortals! Is it true? When you die over there, you really die?

So it is, so it is! What brings you here, then?

Ah yes, Golbez. He seeks strong minions to grow his army, so I hear.

But recently, he stopped doing that. Instead, he devours all.
Perhaps he's gathered enough fodder and is now intent on bolstering his own strength. A sure sign that he is about to make a move.
By the way, why haven't you died already? Over there, you can do so any time, no? Don't miss your chance, or you'll end up like us.
<slurp> I bet you taste good. But I can't eat you, else I'll be eaten too...

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.

<rumble> Stay away from me... If you don't want to be eaten, stay away...

Golbez, Golbez... I've heard the name before.

Ah, I remember! Always speaking of a great crusade. I don't know what that is, but it sounds delicious. <slurp>
A crusade, you say? From whom did you hear this?
Farfarello. He was a minion of another minion. Went on and on about the terrible things he saw.
I see... Perhaps Farfarello can tell us more.
Why do you want to know about Golbez? Do you have a crusade too?
Satisfied with what you've learned? Ah─but let's step away before you become too tempting to resist.

It seems the rumors of Golbez reach even my remote domain.

Fair to assume he's gathering strength for his crusade─whatever that may be.

But I must say, I wouldn't have guessed that Farfarello once fought in Golbez's army. It's a miracle he survived serving an archfiend.

Ah, I suppose I should explain.

Farfarello is the weakest among us. Constantly in fear of being devoured, he seldom consorts with others.

The only one he's comfortable with is Ciriatto.

He's a fellow coward who runs the instant he senses a threat, and won't stop until he's exhausted.

When their hunger grows too intense, they feed on each other's aether. Such is their relationship.

But I ramble. You intend to seek out Farfarello, I presume?

Then I'll come with you. He's less likely to hide that way.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Meanwhile, elsewhere...
Throne of Fire
Not only did the mortals conquer Troia─they defeated Scarmiglione?
I struggle to believe it...
Spy's Voice
There is more, my lords. They were aided by one of our world, who transformed Scarmiglione's soul into crystal!
Throne of Fire
Crystal!? This one speaks of memoria!
Throne of Water
Now there's a word I've not heard for an age. It'd bring a pang of nostalgia to my breast and a tear to my eye...
...If the very notion wasn't absurd! The gifted are gone, drowned in Darkness─as were we all!
And yet Scarmiglione still does not answer.

Were he alive, he would have returned by now.

Weakest though he was, his ability to regenerate was without peer.
Throne of Water
If this account is true─if a memoriate has survived...
They cannot be suffered to live.
Leave this matter to me, Lord Golbez.
I, Barbariccia, shall strike down any who pose a threat to our plans.
'Tis true you are a proven commander, well suited to leading an assault.
And when I have succeeded, I would beg a boon of you.
What do you desire?
The dragon's aether. All that remains.
Throne of Fire
The insolence! Know your place!
With respect, my locks are free as the wind. Without incentive to sway them, I know not whither they will blow.
Boldly spoken. I trust you will not disappoint me.
Upon this flowing hair and my immortal soul, I will not fail.
Then go, and impress upon these interlopers the futility of defiance.
My lord!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Farfarello keeps to the fringes of my domain. This way.

The voidsent here don't answer to a master. They can do as they please.

But all must answer to the hunger, and seek out prey when they need aether.

Except Farfarello and Ciriatto, that is─they are content to take from one another. Barring an incident, they dare not venture out.

When he takes flight, Ciriatto will not seek shelter until he is utterly spent. Farfarello, on the other hand, prefers to hide in the same place. Come.
Uwaaaaaah! P-Please don't eat me...but I suppose you have to...

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.
Oh, whatever will I do now? <whimper>
Ciriatto... This is rather unexpected. Where is Farfarello?


Farfarello...isn't here anymore. He's...left. Y-Yes, that's right!
Left? That doesn't sound like him at all.
W-Well, he's gone, all right? Wh-What more do you want me to say?

And off he flees, as he is wont to do.

But something about this doesn't sit well with me...

What do you make of Ciriatto's behavior?
What will you say?
He seemed frightened. Perhaps someone had threatened him? I don't think he was telling the truth.
I doubt it. Had he been threatened, we wouldn't have found him in one place.
No, he would run in circles until he could run no more. That's his nature.
So you think so too.

As he says, Farfarello is gone. But that is quite unusual.

As is the fact that Ciriatto, who was clearly frightened by something, chose not to flee but instead hid here, where Farfarello usually─


We must go after Ciriatto. Now.
I know Farfarello was our quarry, but Ciriatto's behavior troubles me. We must find him.
I-I don't have time for this... You'd best keep your distance if you know what's good for you!

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.
Ciriatto, we need to talk.
Th-There's no time! The wind rises! We must flee!

The wind rises...? What is he talking about?

After him.
Uwaaah, the wind howls! Louder and louder!

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.
What's gotten into you? What do you mean, the wind rises?
When the wind rises, she comes! Barbariccia!
Barba...riccia? Who in the world is that?
We must flee, all of us! There's no time!

I don't sense anything, but he seems convinced.

It's a dead end beyond. We'll corner him.
Ahhh, it's too late! The wind is already upon us!

You must be accompanied by Zero and have her at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

Zero has yet to arrive. Be sure she is at your side before attempting to continue.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
We're doomed! There's nowhere to run!
What are you running from?
I-I already told you! Barbariccia, the archfiend of wind!
Archfiend, you say?

We will be devoured or forced to serve. To fight in the crusade. But it makes no difference. In the end, all are eaten by her or her enemies.

I didn't want to fight anymore. That's why I fled and came here!

I see. That explains everything...almost.

I thought it was Farfarello who used to serve an archfiend. Not you.

Not you, who always ran at the first sign of trouble. You who now speak as though you were Barbariccia's minion. There's only one explanation...
What will you say?
He devoured Farfarello...didn't he? ...
Indeed, that would account for his uncharacteristic behavior.

So, is that the way of it? Did you devour Farfarello?

And not just a portion of his aether, but his entire being.
Tell me true, Ciriatto. You devoured Farfarello, didn't you?
And not just a portion of his aether, but his entire being.
...H-How did you know?

It wasn't only your behavior that felt strange.

You felt strange. As if there was more than you present.

Now, I don't believe you would've lost control. More likely it was at Farfarello's behest.

I can't hide anything from you...

I admit it. Farfarello didn't leave. I ate him.

He feared Barbariccia more than anything. Hated the endless fighting.

So he begged me to devour him, that he would never have to fight again.
Rather than an eternity of fighting, he chose a moment of pain...
For all the good it did. I can still hear his voice in my head. He's frightened, so very frightened...

When you're eaten, your essence is blended with that of your devourer. And though you have no control, your consciousness in part endures.

Were this a world where the wheel of life and death still turned, the soul wouldn't linger so stubbornly.

In time, it would return to the great flow.

But there's no such end here. No escape. All know this. In making his choice, Farfarello must have been desperate indeed.

And now that desperation has joined with Ciriatto's fear, driving him to act erratically.
This place will become a battlefield. We don't want to be eaten. Neither me or Farfarello. But there's nowhere to go! Nowhere!
Then tell me about Barbariccia. I would know who it is we face.
It's too late. She's as good as here, and no one can escape her winds! No one!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
B-Barbariccia... She is come!
And she's brought her domain with her.

The archfiend's after you and yours, I shouldn't doubt.

Perhaps you should go and find them. But be warned─whatever this is about, do not expect us to get involved.
I can't bear it... Eating and being eaten... I only want to be left in peace...
You and me both.
One of the archfiends approaches?
They must have been tracking our movements.
She's here!
Excellent. You've saved me the trouble of traveling to Troia.
So you're Barbariccia.
Mind you manners, mortal! My name is not to be spoken save in reverence and fear.

And what is this pitiful domain?

Pitiful wretches all. I will put you out of your misery!

Alas, poor Scarmiglione, and good riddance. Felled by outsiders in pursuit of what, pray tell?
A dragon─one who crossed to this world thousands of years ago. Know you aught of it?
A dragon, you say?

Hahaha... Ahahahaha!

My Lord Golbez is more clever than I realized. To let the prize live that it might lure more prey to us.

Very well. In gratitude and service, I shall devour every last mote of their souls.
Where is she? Where is Azdaja!?
Heh, you even share its scent. How curious...and irresistible!
If you think us easy prey, you're wrong.
Unlike Scarmilgione, I need not skulk in shadow to claim what is mine.

If you would know about the dragon you seek, then enter into my domain.

You may flee instead if you wish─if the fate of the sorry lot here is of no concern to you. One way or another, I will have satisfaction.
What's the plan, then?
What will you say?
Go after Barbariccia—What else? If we go, we'd be playing into her hands.
Indeed. Yet she will have the upper hand in her domain. We must be no less than fully prepared.
Aye, that we would. Even so, we don't have any intention of turning tail now, do we?
We find her and get our answers. Will you be joining us, Zero?
You may be easily goaded into accepting her challenge, but my curiosity is not so insatiable as to cloud my judgment.
Nevertheless, if you are desperate for my know my price.
shall pay it.

So long as you leave me strength enough to see my sister home, you may take as much as you wish.

And lest you forget, mine is no ordinary aether. Barbaricia too recognized its potency.
...Very well. We have a bargain.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Just you wait, Barbariccia. I will have answers from you yet...
What little I learned in your absence did not pertain to the archfiends. That discussion can wait until after we've tended to Barbariccia.
I have no intention of demanding anyone's aether until afterwards. Weakening you now would only reduce my chances of getting paid.
The less time we give the enemy to prepare, the better. If everyone is ready, then let us set forth.

Indeed. And heart weighs heavy for those Barbariccia struck down. Were it not for us, she would not have come here.

Should you require a moment, Zero...
For what? Barbariccia took what she could. She was wise to strike quickly─as we would be.
Agreed. This is no time for sentiment. Only the battle matters now.
Quest Completed
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