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Number XXIV

Beastiary Icon.pngNumber XXIV  BossIcon.pngZoneicon.pngDungeon Icon.png
Level Range 69-69
Number XXIV.png
Genus Description:
Zone Level Drops Notes
Castrum Abania (Zone)
  Miscellaneous Dutyicon.pngCastrum Abania
 69 Aggressive.png
Dungeons (1)
Name Minimum Level
Castrum Abania 69
It is based on the boss 'Number 024' in Final Fantasy VI's Magitek Research Facility.
Number XXIV uses the following moves and mechanics:
Attack Name Description
Stab Tankbuster.
Gale Cut Targets multiple players with circle AoEs.
Pillars Three towers will appear around the arena. At least one person must stand in each to prevent excessive group-wide AoE damage. When they go off, they will transform into glowing puddles with rings hovering above them. Used to dodge Barrier Shift.
  • Purple/Black Lightning: grants you a Lightning attunement buff.
  • White/Blue Ice: grants you an Ice attunement buff.
  • Red/Yellow Fire: grants you a fire attunement buff.
Barrier Shift Any player with the wrong Pillars buff that attacks the boss will take heavy damage. Stand in the matching puddle to the buff that the boss gets to prevent this.

Advice and Tips

  • If you don't stand in a Pillar, you won't get one of the attunement buffs, meaning that you don't need to worry about Barrier Shift or attuning to the right buff.
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