Open and Inviting

Featurequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 1   Open and Inviting
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Issuing NPC: Open Tournament Official: The Gold Saucer - Card Square (x:4.5, y:7.5)
Type: Sidequest
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Loremonger:Open and Inviting

Open Tournament Official in The Gold Saucer - Card Square (x:4.5, y:7.5)
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Open Tournament Official in The Gold Saucer - Card Square (x:4.5, y:7.5)
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Enjoying your forays into the competitive world of Triple Triad? Should you feel unfulfilled in your desire for card-based conflict, then allow me to introduce you to our all-new “short tournament” selections!

The first of these trimmed-down tourneys is the “Open” tournament. Held on a regular schedule, this 8-person competition is designed for fair and balanced play. You don't even need your own cards to enter!

Each player builds a 5-card deck from a random selection of cards, and participates in three matches. The winners─and the rewards─are based on the overall results of these games.

The second concise contest available to you is the “Invitational” tournament. This option allows you to invite up to seven of your friends─or bitter rivals─and create your own exclusive event. The rules of the game are yours to decide!

The structure of the competition is otherwise the same as an Open tournament with regards to the number of matches played, and how the winners are ranked. Oh, and not to worry if you're a few members short of a full party─our house champions will step in to make up the numbers!

Be your taste for open or exclusive competition, either of these short-style tournaments will provide a rich battlefield upon which to perfect your Triple Triad prowess!

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