Parley icon 9.png
Parley is a mini-game unlocked after completing the A Case of Indecency Hildibrand quest. Once unlocked, it can be accessed from the Toy Chest in an Inn. Once a game is started, players are able to use Parley against a computer opponent. There are no rewards for winning.

The Parley Game Screen[edit]

The Parley game screen.
  • Score Bar (Top center): Shows your current "score" as a "tug-of-war" bar with the flag in the middle. As you score the bar fills to the right, and as the computer scores the bar decreases. If, at the end of the game the bar is to the right of the flag, you win.
  • Time Bar (Below score bar): Shows the number of turns left in the game, and the amount of time remaining for you to make a move. Your turn is forfeited if the time bar runs out.
  • Topics/Game Board(Center):The 4x3 grid of panels containing the available parley topics. The numbers on each panel indicate that topic's point value. The currently highlighted topic is identified by name below the board.
  • History (Below game board): Shows up to the last 6 topics previously selected by you.
  • Abilities(Below game board): Plays a special ability. Abilities become available after "combos" or adding to already obtained ability if you already have one. (Seems like they are randomly chosen).


A grid of 12 panels is randomly populated with icons representing various topics of "debate".

Parley icon 1.png The Hammer Parley icon 6.png Manderville Mammet
Parley icon 2.png Family Trade Parley icon 7.png A Gentleman's Attire
Parley icon 3.png Meteor Survivor Ring Parley icon 8.png Alexandrite
Parley icon 4.png Godbert's Masterworks Parley icon 9.png Agent of Enquiry
Parley icon 5.png Salamander Oil Parley icon 10.png Assiduous Assistant

On each icon is a point value. You and the computer take turns raising topics by selecting panels. Each panel earns you the point value on the panel, and on any identical topic in the same row and/or column of the selected topic. After each turn, the raised topics are removed, and the panels move and fill the gaps, with new topics being added from the top left corner of the board.

By way of example, in the above game board, the selected move will yield 6 points (2+3+1). Selecting the Hildibrand image, for example, would have yielded 8 (5+3), as would have selecting bottle (8). Note that selecting the Hildibrand shirt in the bottom right corner would also have yielded 8 points, and not 11 as the other shirt is not in the same row or column as the selected shirt.

There are 4 special abilities on the game board, which may randomly become available during a parley. Possible abilities are:

  • Reversal: Reverses the order in which tiles advance.
  • Double Down: Doubles the value of tiles.
  • Shuffle: Randomizes the position of tiles.
  • Wipe: Resets the board with new tiles.


Upon taking your last turn, if the score bar is to the right of the flag, you win. Note that as the player, you go both first and last, giving you an extra turn.