This Attribute was part of a previous release of Final Fantasy XIV. It has since been removed.
Main Command 3 Icon.pngParry
Defensive Property
Affects the rate at which you parry attacks with your weapon. The higher the value, the higher the frequency with which you will parry an attack.

Previous Effects

  • Prior to Patch 3.0, Strength had an effect on your Parry rate. After Heavensward's Patch 3.0 release, Parry was changed to a flat 20% damage reduction upon successful deflection.
  • As of Patch 4.0, Parry can be considered as essentially removed. It still exists in the files for defensive calculations on each character, but it is impossible to change the parry rate with materia, food, or gear. It also no longer exists on the character screen. All items that previously had Parry on it, now have Tenacity instead.