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Pledge of Hope

Featurequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 78   Pledge of Hope

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Lalah Jinjahl: Idyllshire - Freewalks Roundspot (x:6.1, y:5.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Idyllshire

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png75A Poisoned GiftFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Poisoned Gift (Level 75)

Sage Icon 3.png Sage (Level 78)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Lalah is eager to share tidings from command with you.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Midnight Dew.
  • Defeat fiends in the Answering Quarter.
  • Use Diagnosis on the wounded treasure hunter.
  • Defeat the fiends. 0/2
  • Speak with Loifa.
  • Speak with Lalah Jinjahl in Idyllshire.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png80Life Ephemeral, Path EternalFeaturequest1 Icon.png Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal (Level 80)

  • Lalah is eager to share tidings from command with you.
  • Lalah informs you that her superiors have decided to spare no resources in the hunt for Guildivain─a remarkable-yet-welcome change of policy given their earlier dismissal of the rumors concerning his crimes. While awaiting further developments, she asks that you continue your training by lending a helping hand to the locals. Restless, Loifa offers to accompany you, and Lalah gives her blessing, seeing it as an opportunity for you to learn from a fellow sage. Together you seek out Midnight Dew to inquire after treasure hunters who may be in need of assistance.
  • According to Midnight Dew, some treasure hunters have yet to return. You duly volunteer to search for them in her stead, mindful of her warning that especially nasty fiends have appeared in the area of late.
  • You come upon a fiend trying to make a meal of a hunter, and strike it down under Loifa's watchful eye. With the danger passed, you turn your attention to the hunter's wounds.
  • You use your sage magic to heal the hunter, who thanks you profusely for your aid. After she leaves, Loifa expresses his gladness at having helped her, and you resume your search for hunters in distress.
  • You soon come upon another hunter being attacked by fierce wildlife. You promptly dispatch the creatures, but the man appears to be near death and possibly beyond your ability to save, if the look in Loifa's eye is any indication...
  • Given the seriousness of the hunter's wound, Loifa decides it is no time for training, and personally renders aid. Once back on his feet, the man offers Loifa his heartfelt gratitude─an act which spurs the young Viera to reflect upon his sage's power. Before meeting you and Lalah, he had no purpose for it except revenge. But having come to realize that Lalah's mother saw in him the potential to become a saver of lives, he swears to use his power only to protect his friends. Satisfied with your efforts, the two of you make your way back to Idyllshire to rejoin Lalah.
  • The hunt for Guildivain has been productive; with the aid of a fellow operative, Lalah has identified a cave in the Dravanian forelands as the villain's base of operations. Additionally, you have learned that the death of Guildivain's wife may have triggered his descent into madness. Yet whether or not he is to be pitied, the man cannot be permitted to continue his depraved experiments. In preparation for the impending confrontation, Lalah reveals that she is working on a countermeasure, and asks for your patience and faith until such time as all is in readiness.
※The next sage quest will be available from Lalah Jinjahl upon reaching level 80.

Ah, Forename! You will be pleased to hear that, in response to my latest report, my superiors have decided to spare no resources in the hunt for Guildivain.

A remarkable change of policy given how they once considered the rumors to warrant only a cursory investigation before being dismissed. But in any event, with their assistance, 'tis only a matter of time before we find our man.

While we await developments, I ask that you continue honing your skills, the better to contend with Guildivain when the time comes.
I can't stand to be idle. I will join you...if you're not averse.

No, no, not at all... We would welcome it, in fact. Forename can go no further with my limited knowledge; he would benefit from your guidance...and I daresay you stand to gain from the experience as well.

As to how you might train, may I suggest lending a helping hand to the locals? The Dravanian hinterlands are home to many treasure hunters. Theirs is a dangerous line of work, and they often find themselves in trouble.

If you speak with their representative, Midnight Dew, she should be able to direct you to her fellows who may require assistance.
You're familiar with this Midnight Dew, yes? Lead the way.
Quest Accepted
Fighting for the future of all lives... Is this what drives you too?

He's with you, I take it. Somethin' I can help you with?

Oh, you want to help us? Aye, well, it's true enough─wantin' to make quick coin, there's some as bite off more than they can chew.

As a matter of fact, a few hunters have yet to return, and I had mind to go and look for them. Reckon you could take care of it in my stead?

Much obliged. Some especially nasty fiends have been out and about of late, and I'm hopin' our friends haven't run afoul of 'em.

Friends, I say, but we're more like family. And family looks after family.
Aye... That they do...
Watch yourselves out there, eh? And thanks again.

To think that by subjecting me to the procedure, Guildivain gave me the ability to wield sage magic. The power to heal and to harm.

And I will repay his gift by doing just that. With his death, his victims will finally be able to move on...

But those are thoughts for another day. Let us be off and see if we can't find these hunters─and any fiends that may be stalking them.

As I mentioned before, while I've studied somanoutics, I've never had a talent for spellcraft.

In contrast, Loifa is capable of wielding sage magicks freely. Though the potency of his abilities may be attributed to his enhancement, his finesse suggests a natural affinity for the art.
Go on, lead the way to this Midnight Dew.
The creatures here are unnaturally strong... Could this be Guildivain's handiwork?
Thanks again for volunteerin' to look for ours. Hopefully it's nothing, but if anyone needs help, we're countin' on you.
The treasure hunter is badly hurt. Heal her using the Diagnosis spell.

Thank you... I thought I'd be able to handle the fiends. Oh, how wrong I was...

I owe you my life, and you can be sure I'll sing your praises to all who'll listen. Fare you well.

I'm glad we could help her. Spare her family the sorrow...

Come, let us continue.
The creatures here are unnaturally strong... Could this be Guildivain's handiwork?
He won't last much longer... Quickly, dispatch the fiends!
I...I don't want to die...
A terrible wound... This is no time for training─I'll take care of it!
Are you all right?

...What? I'm...alive? How?

Was it you?
Yes, well, you were in a bad way, and I─

Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!

My wife, she's with child─our firstborn. I wanted to earn as much coin as I could to provide for my family.

But in my haste, I got reckless. Took on jobs that were beyond me... But thanks to you, I still have my life, and my family still have me.

No more stupid risks! I won't squander the future you've given us. My thanks again, and the Twelve bless you!

He's got a lot to live for, doesn't he...

You know, I used to dream about the future I knew I'd never see.

About overcoming my illness and protecting the forest as a Wood-warder, as is the duty of Viera men. I wanted to repay my people for not giving up on me. My tribe and my master.

I allowed myself to hope when I went with Guildivain...until the dream died once and for all in his laboratory. Alongside those who were sacrificed in the pursuit of his twisted ambition.

For the “betterment of mankind,” that depraved fiend took everything from me.

Since then, I have been bent upon revenge. Save that, there was no purpose for my sage's power.

But since meeting you and Lalah, I feel as though I'm beginning to understand why this soul crystal was given to me...

The hope that all might live to know a better tomorrow. There is a warmth and comfort in that...and a purpose...

I won't fall again. Not when my friends─my family─need me. Come what may, I will protect them. For that purpose, and no other, will I use my power. This I swear upon the crystal.

Soon we must confront Guildivain. If we're to triumph, we must trust each other with our lives. Are you prepared to trust yours to me?
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What will you say?

Yes, and I'll protect you too.

I'll do the best a fool can.

Heh... I'm counting on you, so see to it you keep up.

Y-You're still sore about that? I didn't realize you were so sensitive... I'm sorry, all right?

Well, I believe that's enough training for one day. Let's head back to Idyllshire. Hopefully Lalah's allies have made progress.
I...I don't want to die...

Ah, you're both back! Good!

I have news to share regarding the hunt for Guildivain!

First of all, we've located the villain. With the aid of a fellow operative, we measured unusual aetheric activity in a cave in the Dravanian forelands.

This is where he has made his base─and holds Mahaud and Ancel. The two are alive, but more than that, we could not ascertain.
Hold on, my friends! We're coming to save you!

We've also learned more about Guildivain himself, from an acquaintance of his in yesteryear.

According to said acquaintance, after graduating from the Studium, Guildivain completed further studies in various fields, somanoutics most notably.

For his skill and knowledge, he was made a professor of the faculty, and it was there that he met his wife─a fellow researcher and talented sage in her own right.

But one day, she fell gravely ill. Healers of various persuasions attempted to treat her, but her condition deteriorated rapidly, and she passed away not a week later.

Guildivain was not the same man after that.

Whatever tragedy he has known, I can muster no sympathy for him. Nor would you if you had seen the madness in his eyes. Heard the malice in his voice.

Mark my words, it wasn't for his wife that he mourned, but the loss of a valuable resource. That is all people are to Guildivain.

So it seems. And whatever reason he may have had, he cannot be permitted to continue his depraved experiments.

That being said, we cannot storm his cave just yet. His knowledge of somanoutics makes him a dangerous opponent, and we must be amply prepared.

To that end, I have been working on a countermeasure, but it will take a little longer to complete. Meanwhile, I must ask for your patience─and your faith.

As much as I wish to save Mahaud and Ancel, it would be meaningless if we lost anyone in the process. So please, believe in me.
...All right, I'll wait. And when all is ready, we'll go and rescue Mahaud and Ancel.
Quest Completed
Please... Please, let them be alive...
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