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Reputation, also as Beast Tribe Relations, is a measure of trust and friendship built between an adventurer and a friendly faction of a beast tribe. Once establishing neutral relations with a faction of beastmen, players accumulate reputation by completing Beast Tribe Quests. These relations have several tiers, allowing players to "level up" their reputation and thus gain access to more quests (with higher reputation rewards) as well as unlock various items in that beast tribe's shop.

As of Patch 4.2, there are eight tiers of Beast Tribe Relations, each containing a specific number of points required to advance via a main quest. However, not every beast tribe uses every tier. For example, the Amalj'aa, Sylph, Kobold, and Sahagin factions cap out as soon as the Trusted (LV4) tier is reached, advancing directly to Allied (LV8) after completing the Allied Beast Tribe story arc.

Tier Overview[edit]

Tier Rank Points (If Applicable)
0 None 0
1 Neutral 150
2 Recognized 360
3 Friendly 510
4 Trusted 720
5 Respected 990
6 Honored 1320
7 Sworn 1730
8 Bloodsworn/Allied 0