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Soaring Profits

Sidequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Soaring Profits

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Mehdjina: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Scholar's Harbor - The Peristyle (x:11.9, y:9.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → Scholar's Harbor

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png90Small Business, Big DreamsSidequest1 Icon.png Small Business, Big Dreams (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks the ability to purchase portraits from Duremert in Ishgard.
Edit Soaring Profits's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Mehdjina has samples that need delivering, and the anticipation of adventure strikes you like a bracing wind.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Wait at the designated location in Ishgard.
  • Speak with Laniaitte at the Rosehouse.
  • Travel to the Parrock.
  • Speak with Leofard in Idyllshire.
  • Speak with the residents of Idyllshire while in guise and accompanied by Leofard. 0/3
  • While in guise, accompany Leofard to the designated location and then speak with him.
  • Speak with Leofard.
  • Wait in Leofard's chambers.
  • Speak with Duremert.
  • Speak with Mehdjina in Old Sharlayan.

  • Mehdjina has samples that need delivering, and the anticipation of adventure strikes you like a bracing wind.
  • Delighted by your timely arrival, Mehdjina briefs you on your next mission─delivering a selection of the Boutique's wares to two interested, if yet anonymous, clients in Coerthas. Your guide, she says, will be Sicard's allegedly “dear” acquaintance, Lord Emmanellain de Fortemps, who awaits your arrival even now with his usual enthusiasm and panache. After gazing at the progress you have made thus far in reconstructing Tataru's necklace, you heft two sacks of her finest work over your shoulder, and set off towards the snowy peaks of Ishgard.
  • Emmanellain's warm welcome helps belay the Pillars' frankly frigid temperatures. The young lord proudly announces that your first client is Lady Laniaitte of the Rose Knights, whom he himself holds in particular esteem, to put it lightly. Sincerely hoping you are not a simple accessory to his exercises in courtship, you make for the Rosehouse in Cloudtop while Emmanellain finishes his obligatory primping.
  • Lady Laniaitte gratefully accepts your bag of samples, and begins to tell you of a recent problem plaguing the islands, when Emmanellain makes his grand appearance bedecked in armor gifted─or, more accurately, stolen─from his dear friend Sicard. Immune to his antics, Laniaitte encourages him to act with decorum towards your next client, who is revealed to be none other than the infamous sky pirate crew the Redbills. This news gives Laniaitte pause, as marauding sky pirates are the very problem she had been speaking of earlier, but Emmanellain assures her that the Redbills could not possibly be complicit in such gauche affairs as reckless pillaging. With a sparkle in his eye, the young Lord de Fortemps skips off towards the Redbill standard on Coldwind, and you follow in his wake, wondering what grand adventure must await you among the clouds.
  • The Redbills are happy and well─none more so than their leader Leofard, who chuckles over his successful plan to lure you out to the Parrock. True to your sneaking suspicion, he has an adventure in store that requires your quick thinking and a sack of one-of-a-kind samples (which you off-load from your shoulder). The Redbills are having their own sky pirate problems, it seems, having lost precious cargo to a gang of scrags calling themselves the “Monstrous Cockatoos.” The stolen parts are instrumental to reconstructing a most important airship, so your sky pirate friends have concocted a plan─a plan that will be further explained upon your attendance in Idyllshire, where the Cockatoos have taken refuge. Emmanellain flutters back to the Rosehouse to apprise Lady Laniaitte of the situation, and you make your way to Dravania, shoulders conspicuously lighter, but heart pounding with anticipation.
  • The plan is simple as it is clever─you and Leofard will disguise yourselves as a shady merchant and his bodyguard, respectively, and canvas the town in search of hidden Cockatoos. Spread enough rumors of the coin to be made in the sale of stolen airship parts, and said airship parts will indubitably appear, or so the theory goes. Dressed in Stacia's best attempt at what a black market merchant looks like, and trying not to stare too enviously at the beautiful samples Leofard is sporting, the two of you set off to canvas the town.
※You must be accompanied by Leofard and wearing the black market merchant guise to complete this task. Speak with him should you become separated, or with Stacia to restore or prolong the guise.
  • After mongering rumors like a professional, Leofard grins conspiratorially at you and jerks his head to the side. The two of you drift away from the very prying eyes you have been courting to where your comrades wait in the shadows...
  • The Monstrous Cockatoos appear and predictably quail at the sight of a supremely ruffled Redbill Leofard. But their cockiness rallies as a surprising ally steps forward─Leofard's longtime rival Radlia, with a string of her Talons in tow. Proud and confident as ever, Radlia makes Leofard an offer she knows he can't refuse─his allegiance in exchange for those stolen airship parts─and for a moment, the comfortable smirk fades from Leofard's lips. Brusquely assuring Radlia that rebuilding his airship is more important than anything, he turns to the leading Cockatoo and accuses him of irreparably damaging the necessary pieces. Cockatoo denies this emphatically, unwittingly divulging the location of said cargo in the process, and the smirk is back in full force as Leofard contacts Utata via linkshell and relays the relevant coordinates. Having been outsmarted, and now facing the Forename Surname in mortal combat, the Cockatoos bravely turn tail and Radlia admits her defeat.
  • Leofard, back in his own clothes, bids you return to the Parrock while he follows up with the Rose Knights regarding Cockatoo cleanup. You wait in Leofard's chambers and admire all his shiny baubles.
  • Thankfully, Utata managed to recover all the stolen cargo, and finishing touches on the airship proceed apace. Cait Sith is just wondering what is to become of the Cockatoos' trove when Tataru Taru, your favorite boss and coinkeeper, greets you from the threshold with a cheerful wave. Beside her stands an elderly man in a paint-flecked apron. Apparently, Leofard tasked her with finding this portraitist Duremert, who is not only the creator of a number of paintings found amongst the appropriated goods, but father of the late Lady Raimille, Leofard's adoptive mother. Regarding his grandfather with an expression obscured by his goggles but betrayed in his voice, Leofard announces that the successor to his airship─the next Raimille─will be ready to take to the skies in no time.
After a healthy dose of adventure, a touching family reunion, and a few promising purrs from the brand-new Raimille, you, Tataru, and Duremert are preparing your return to Ishgard, when a package of surprising heft falls from the sky. Leofard waves as he departs, and Tataru wonders aloud what sort of reward he must have left you. Equivocating as to its contents, you smile after your sky pirate friend, knowing he has gifted you the next piece of Tataru's necklace.
  • After listening to the tales of your various exploits, Duremert proclaims he feels awash with inspiration, and offers to compose portraits of your comrades and acquaintances in exchange for only the cost of supplies. While you would have him start work immediately, you must put your first commission on hold, as Mehdjina still awaits your return in Sharlayan.
  • Tataru has already filled Mehdjina in on the particulars, but you divulge the requisite missing piece to her story─the item Leofard left you. At first glance, it appears to be a simple-yet-ancient strip of leather, but Mehdjina soon recognizes it as an unbreakable Mhachi relic and perfect choice of chain for the reconstructed necklace. With the Rose Knights and Redbills secured as satisfied customers, Mehdjina is brimming with your collective success and cheerfully asks for your help in the further endeavors that await.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Why, hello there! Your arrival could not have been more timely─Mistress Tataru has but just left instructions for another batch of deliveries.

She sends her regards, of course─today she is in Idyllshire for business with Rowena's House of Splendors, and tomorrow will no doubt find her in some other far-flung corner of the realm. We mustn't be outdone, Forename!

This time, our samples are destined for two organizations in Coerthas, an arrangement made possible by none other than Master Sicard.

He contacted his dear friend Lord Emmanellain de Fortemps, who was kind enough to spread word of the boutique to his own contacts across Ishgard.

It hardly took any time for the first letter of interest to reach us. And once these samples have been delivered, that interest will be piqued to a passion!

...Or so I have been assured. Lord Emmanellain has insisted he will take care of all the particulars and bid me convey with enthusiasm that he looks forward to accompanying you on the deliveries.

Now then, regarding that secret mission of ours...

A gorgeous sapphire, is it not? It will make a beautiful necklace once restored─a keepsake of not only Mistress Tataru's mother, but that of her many friends and allies from across the realm.

I am confident that someone of your experience has a most discerning eye for mementos. Bring back anything you think will make a worthy addition!

And with that, I will leave these samples in your capable hands and eagerly await your safe return!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Accepted
We must prioritize delivering samples and advertising the boutique, of course...but perhaps this venture to Ishgard may afford an addition to Mistress Tataru's necklace!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Forename, old boy! 'Tis good to see a rosy glow in your cheeks considering that dreadful business with the imminent destruction of mankind and the end of times and whatnot!

Yes, indeed! Who better to distribute exquisite arms and accoutrements than a bona fide hero such as yourself? Well, I have two parties with simply ravenous interest in your products, dear chap.

The first of whom so happens to be rather exquisite herself─my dearest Lady Laniaitte!

Be so good as to precede me to the Rosehouse. I shall be along promptly, of course─just as soon as I'm coifed and powdered!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Well met, Forename. 'Tis good to see you hale and whole.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Thank you for personally making the trip─I know your obligations are many.

Truth be told, your arrival could scarce have had better timing. While our erstwhile troubled relations with the Vanu Vanu improve by the day, we have been forced to reconsider our current munitions due to recent incidents of─

I have come, my darling blossom! Behold Emmanellain the Executioner, here to smite your foes with ruthless ardor!

Well? I strike a rather smashing silhouette, do I not? Why, Sicard could not have found a better man to gift these samples to!
...Surely such splendid armor could be put to better use than fashion, Lord Emmanellain. Could I not prevail upon your better senses to relinquish that gear to those who might appreciate its practicality?
F-Far be it from me to deny any request of yours, Lady Laniaitte! Only, I must confess that I may have slightly exaggerated Sicard's, er, generosity in the matter of gifting these...

Ah. You mean to say you “borrowed” them. No doubt without his knowledge or consent.

And why should I have expected otherwise? Friends may forgive, but it bears repeating that your clients deserve at least a modicum of professionalism. ...You do have other clients, don't you?
O-Of course I have! And of no little celebrity at that─you remember the Redbills, of course?
The sky pirates? That an experienced adventurer should know them hardly surprises me─but how does a privileged son of House Fortemps come to make their direct acquaintance?
'Twas a happy coincidence of ale and circumstance, I assure you! As Forename here can attest, an unbiased range of social contacts is the essential arsenal of not just adventurers, but any gentleman of consequence.

Unbiased is all very well, but...

Sky pirates are precisely the problem I was speaking of earlier, Forename, before we were...interrupted.

Recently, self-proclaimed sky pirates have been marauding trading vessels with troubling audacity. Even the Skysteel Manufactory has reported stolen property at the hands of these ruffians.

Troubling news indeed─though I cannot imagine fellows as amicable as our Redbills could be responsible.

Still, if we should hear aught of it, I shall send word directly. Now then, Forename─off we trot to the infamous Parrock! I have been told to seek out a certain red standard upon Coldwind. How the pulse quickens!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
I sympathize with your reluctance, but please follow Lord Emmanellain to the Parrock before he does anything...well, just anything.
This looks rather promising, wouldn't you say? I leave the rest to your uncanny sense of direction, old boy─to the Parrock we go!
Do my eyes deceive me, or is that rough and rugged adventurer our very own Forename? Welcome back into the fold.
Glad am I to see you in good health, Forename. Tidings of your exploits cling to the lips of nearly everyone we meet as of late!
Glad to see you still remember your way home! Once a Redbill, always a Redbill!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Well, well. If you ain't the very picture of health, Forename. Savin' the star from complete annihilation didn't tax you overmuch then, eh?

Let me guess─it was naught compared to all the bowin' and scrapin' required of the mercantile genteel. Don't tell me this dandy is what wooed you from the life with sweet nothings of financial comfort?

Leofard, my good man─you know as well as I that the only one wooing Forename into anything is yourself!

Don't think your interest in our mutual friend here escaped my notice! Your aim all along was less about armaments than it was an audience with Forename, was it not?

Heh. Not bad for a dandy. Aye, I might've had me sights on a touchin' reunion between Forename and myself─but that's not to say I won't be needin' those samples.

See, I've a job that could right benefit from both your keen sense and those pieces you've brought me. So long as they're half the quality of what Emmanellain was showin' off in the alehouses, anyway.

I can count on your participation, yes? You'll be duly compensated, of course─just name your price.

...Parts of a necklace? For Tataru Taru herself, eh?

I'd have preferred somethin' you might make use of...

...But far be it from me to dictate what a man does with his booty. If that's your recompense, I'll see what I can do.

Now that we have you on board, allow me to elaborate─it seems another band of petty thieves has been masqueradin' as sky pirates and harryin' honest traders as of late.

So you've heard of them? Aye, these so-called “Monstrous Cockatoos” don't exactly strike fear into the heart of man, but they're bein' a right nuisance...and now they've gone and made things personal.

You remember the Raimille, don't you? The captain's old airship?

Well, after what happened in Dun Scaith, we've been commissioning the finest airship parts from across the realm for the construction of her successor.

...Only to have those cockapert nincompoops pillage the very Skysteel Manufactory vessel that was carrying our precious cargo!
The nerve of some people, eh? Makes me mouth water...

Of course, once the Cockatoos realized whose property they pilfered, they flew into a panic and holed up in Idyllshire after stashin' the goods somewhere.

This is where you and your samples come in. We want you to take Leofard and─
Before you spill the rest, Stacia, let's make sure our friend here is still up for a spot of fowlin'. How about it, then?
What will you say?
My mercantile genteel is at your service. I have been craving game bird lately...
Heh! I knew I was right to call you. Those downy ducklings won't know what plucked 'em.
Quite so! With Forename returned and our crew complete, victory over these ne'er-do-wells is most certainly assured!

By the by, would you have any terrible objections if I informed the Rose Knights of your designs upon these charlatans?

The Knights are affiliated with House Haillenarte, you see, and thus have particular interest in recovering the contents of that Skysteel vessel. I know my darli─erm, the most capable Lady Laniaitte simply will not rest until she has brought these scoundrels to justice.
...Can't say it's an alliance I've ever considered. But so long as I get all the Cockatoo I'm due, Our Knights Most Thorny are welcome to catch and cage as they see fit.
Splendid! Lady Laniaitte shall be very glad to hear of it. Overjoyed, even! Yeeesss, she may simply be unable to contain her unbounded delight! I must away!
Naught awaitin' us in Idyllshire but danger and subterfuge─but such is more temptin' to our ilk than lovely knights, eh? Let's be off. I'll explain the rest of our gambit once we get there.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
I'm still no good to anyone in a fight, so I'll leave Idyllshire to you! Don't have too much fun without me.
The Cockatoos are in Idyllshire, yes? Lord Emmanellain was kind enough to inform me. He left as soon as he came, however─apparently Master Sicard is on the warpath over his missing samples.
I, for one, am most indignant by how well he looks!

Between Leofard hoardin' all the shiny baubles and Cait Sith covetin' all the maps and scrolls, the Redbills ain't been sellin' much in the way of treasure lately. ...To be frank, we're flat broke.

Sure, restorin' the good name of sky pirates is a matter of pride─but we simply can't afford to lose those airship parts...

Who's the dandy now, you ask? Heh, I reckon my reputation precedes me in these parts─and the legendary Redbill Leofard ain't known for togs like these.

Though I could get used to this... Comfortable, practical, and with a sense of style to boot.

Ain't often you find that holy triad in battle gear. Quite the line you're toutin'.

...Which brings us to your role in my master plan. While it ain't easy layin' low in a motley place like Idyllshire, these cock-a-hoop cowards have been managin' it well enough.

So to lure them out, we're goin' to spread savory rumors of a black market merchant lookin' to fence fine contraband for even finer coin. That's you.

Just strike up a chat with any adventurers or peddlers that seem like to share hearsay. I'll be playin' your handsome bodyguard, so rest assured I've got your back...Master.
I've taken the liberty of preparin' your guise─it ain't as flatterin' as Leofard's, but you should fit the part nicely in this.
Leofard is now accompanying you. Keep him at your side and continue wearing the black market merchant guise in order to proceed with quest objectives.

You can leave Leofard behind by entering a different area, or by speaking with him and selecting the option to part ways.

If you wish to have Leofard accompany you again, return and speak with him at the original location.

Speak with Stacia to restore or prolong the garment change.
Stacia and I shall be following your progress from the shadows. I initially thought to volunteer my services as the merchant in this charade, but...well, the guise was rather baggy on me.

<sigh> I know it ain't pretty like Leofard's, but it's the best I could manage. Put it on again, will you? Please?

Oh, hold on a moment. Let me adjust that for you...

This gear fits me surer than a glove. I only wish I could wear me own scarf with it...

How each Redbill wears their scarf is their business─whether they sport it outright or keep it tucked away has no bearin' on their rank or allegiance. I don't ask on principle...but I'll admit that I'm dreadfully curious as to where you keep yours.
Remember somethin' urgent? Well, once you've sorted it, come find me again at Frontbridge, eh?
And he returns. Let's get back to rumormongerin'.
...While I appreciate your free spirit, Forename, you don't much resemble a shady merchant like that, eh? Talk to Stacia─she should know how to make you look the part.
Daresay we've spread enough rumors to make a cock robin drool. Let's find a place to take stock of our hard work.

You must be wearing the black market merchant guise, be accompanied by Leofard, and have him at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

You must be wearing the black market merchant guise in order to progress.
Contrabandists? Well, I do know of some sky pirates new to town...and just the other day I overheard them discussing their latest windfall.
Aaah, yes, just the sort of enterprisin' folk we're lookin' for. You think you could help us pin them down?

I'll do what I can. I'm no stranger to sky pirates, so I'll ask around.

...Especially regarding that formidable ally they mentioned. Sky pirate or no, any newcomer of such repute is better identified sooner rather than later...
Hmph. And how might I assist you, sir?

You must be wearing the black market merchant guise, be accompanied by Leofard, and have him at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

You must be wearing the black market merchant guise in order to progress.
...A merchant yourself, are you? Perhaps I'm overstepping, but consider this friendly advice─seeking out sky pirates dressed in such stereotypical garb is akin to dangling a sign from your neck reading, “Purge my purse.” Oh, the righteous Redbills may pity you, dear sir, but few else.

"Righteous“...? Righteous ain't never been to me likin', mate─I just can't abide them reprobates what don't honor the creed of sky piratin'.

...Or so you can imagine Redbill Leofard might say, eh? Not that it's any matter of ours. Anyhow, should you find someone lookin' to off-load, er, dubiously obtained merchandise, send them our way, will you?

...If you insist. But don't say I didn't warn you!

Especially when you come face-to-face with whatever brute they've hired to browbeat for them! Oh yes, I heard that sky pirate lot crowing all about it─an ally of unparalleled strength, if they are to be believed!
Pshhh...! Shkohhh...! Uplander come for busydeals?

You must be wearing the black market merchant guise, be accompanied by Leofard, and have him at your side in order to proceed with quest objectives.

You must be wearing the black market merchant guise in order to progress.

Pshhh...! Shkohhh...! Yes, yes! Gobbie eyecatches such skystealers!

Skystealers come to claim busydeal at craftforge, but bring no tradegoods for jinglyshine. Great laughjoke for gobbie merchants. Skystealers leave with grumpface.

Gobbie does not understand why uplanders wish to trade tongueflaps with grumpface skystealers, but happy to hand-lend for more laughjokes!
Much obliged. If all goes to plan, we'll have you laugh-jokin' over their sorry hides for summers to come.
Great happiness! For goodly uplanders, gobbie shares one more laughjoke─skystealers whinecry about calling strong friend as they shamerun. Friend may be strong, but skystealer braincases are still airylight!
The captain has not compromised your facade with unnecessary posturing, I trust? The man can be stubbornly shortsighted in matters of pride, you see...

Once you're adequately primped, it's back to the streets we go. Let's give Idyllshire somethin' to talk about, eh?

And he returns. Let's get back to rumormongerin'.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
So? Are we the talk of the town yet?
As far as I can tell, you're strong contenders─perhaps second only to rumors about a mysterious intimidator who's cast their lot in with the Cockatoos.

Only natural that those sniveling whelps hired a browbeater─but what thickhead willingly courts the rancor of Redbill Leofard...?

...Well, I suppose a few names come to mind. But no matter─our plan proceeds as discussed.

Let's take to the streets and wait for our “clients” to come crawlin', eh?
Sky Pirate
Whoa there! Are you the trader lookin' to chaffer with the Monstrous Cockatoos?
Chaffer? With scrags like you? Fury end me, I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
Sky Pirate
That voice! R-Redbill Leofard!?
As you live and breathe. Not for long, though, if you don't hand over what you and your dicky birds stole.
Sky Pirate
H-Heh! Bluster all you'd like, Redbill, but you ain't gettin' the better of us this time! We've treated with a sky pirate that'll crush you to pomace!
And there you were thinking this would be ever so simple─were you not, my dear Leofard?
Not in the slightest─I was thinking surely Radlia and her Talons would never sink so low as to become lackeys to a lackey, but here you are. I might even start to pity you.

And that is where you consistently underestimate me, Redbill─I would stop at nothing to realize my desires. Or were the sweet memories we made together in Dun Scaith not enough to convince you of that?

But I suppose I might be willing to overlook your stubborn indifference─and return those stolen airship parts you so desperately seek─if you would but call me your captain?

...Completin' that airship means more to me than you'll ever understand. I ain't leavin' here without me stolen goods.

...If they're worth recoverin', that is. You there, cockalorum─you didn't leave that plunder in wind-aspected territory, did you?

Of course you did. Head's as empty as a tosspot's tankard. Those airship parts are embedded with highly calibrated corrupted crystals. Put them in any contact with wind sprites and they're no better than glorified scrap.
Sky Pirate
W-Wait a moment, he said “contact,” didn't he!? How many wind sprites go contactin' the rock formations on Provenance, eh? I-It'll be fine!
Utata, you've got hands on an airship, yes? Take her to Provenance and go pick up our stolen goods. Some genius hid them under a rock.
You were bluffing!?
Obviously. Don't make me doubt your intelligence, Radlia─what airship needs parts that can't handle a little wind?
...Doubt what you'd like, Leofard. I hardly need bloody airship bits to beat you into submission!
What will you say?
Finally! It's beating time! Let me slip into something more comfortable.
Sky Pirate
D-Did you say Forename!? As in the Forename Surname!? Since when was she a friend of the Redbills!?

Seems I'm not the only one whose name is worth somethin' in these parts. ...I'm still prettier, though.

Well then, sweet Cockatoos! Let's get about cuttin' you up into Cockathrees and fours, shall we?
Sky Pirate

Redbill by himself is one thing─but Forename's somethin' else.

Ain't nothin' for it, lads!

Flee for your lives!!!

So much for monstrous. Let's leave 'em to the garrison─ain't enough meat on their shiverin' bones to warrant the chase.

...Radlia, Radlia. I reckon this was little more than a diversion to you, but surely you didn't think I'd fold to such a weak hand?

All the more pity that you assumed those airship parts were the only pieces of value taken from me and mine.

But no matter─it's time to make your allegiances clear. If you and your Talons intend to continue this farce, then we'll have it out, here and now. ...Well?

...It seems I misjudged my prospects. I had thought those simpletons might amount to more than sniveling turn-tails, but I have neither loyalty nor affection for a useless Cockatoo.

I suppose I shall have to content myself with this reunion in itself. But you will need more than clever bluffs to evade me next time─of that you may be certain.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
We were standin' by in case you needed help, but I'm glad it didn't come to fisticuffs. Sounds like it's only a matter of time before Radlia tries her luck again, and gods only know what she has in mind...
While sky pirating may prove profitable, villainy shall not─may the Cockatoos ne'er forget the lessons learned this day!

Those were some fine samples, without question─but nothin' beats wearin' me own rags again.

Go ahead to the Parrock and wait for us in my chambers. We'll be along once I've spoken with Our Knights Most Thorny.

I just want to make certain those snivelin' Cockatoos have all had their wings clipped. We'll meet you back at the Parrock.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Well, Utata says all stolen property is accounted for and finishin' touches on our airship proceed apace.
And accordin' to the Rose Knights, the Cockatoos will be shipped off to the Diadem, where they can enjoy volunteerin' their services for the betterment of mankind.
...Speaking of which, Captain─what is to become of the miscellanea recovered from the Cockatoos' hoard? I am sure House Haillenarte will lay claim to their possessions, but as for the appurtenances of origins unknown...
Worry not, puss─I don't pocket any jiggumbob I find like some petty foister. We'll track down their rightful places soon enough, if my prediction holds.

Forename? Is that you!?

It is! And you look quite as surprised as I feel─to think we'd meet here, among the clouds! And sky pirates!

I was just finishing up my affairs in Idyllshire, when who should come asking for me but Redbill Leofard! Quite the thrilling twist to my day, I'll have you know.
How did Emmanellain put it? “She's got her fingers in more pies than a high street baker”? When I got wind she was in Idyllshire, it felt like snubbin' fate not to enlist her expertise.
Well, I'm exceedingly glad you did, for I have returned triumphant! Allow me to present the famous traveling portraitist, Duremert!
...Portraitist? But of course! Among the recovered items were a number of singularly beautiful paintings...
Oh, I am relieved to hear it. When I learned which vessel had fallen prey to sky pirates, I thought those pieces would be lost forever...
So you are yet another victim of the Monstrous Cockatoos... Still, a personal summons to the Parrock seems like the sort of social nicety to which the captain is normally intolerant.

I believe my presence here may have another purpose entirely. You see, Leofard and I are old acquaintances. He commissioned me to paint that portrait, in fact.

My beautiful daughter Raimille. She looks perfectly at home here.

Aye. Duremert is father to Lady Raimille, the gentlewoman who cared for Leofard as a lad.

He abdicated all family affairs to his son when he became a practicing artist, but he's still a lord in lineage.
You mean to say that the renowned portraitist Duremert is not only your grandfather, but a former lord as well!? Oh, you must forgive my blithe introduction from earlier...

Naught to forgive, Mistress Taru. On the contrary, I'm indebted to you for trackin' him down so quickly. Thanks to you, this can happen just as I hoped it might.

Construction's about finished on our new airship, and I wanted you here when I christened her. The Raimille...will fly again.

My dear boy, celebrating your mother's life with you continues to be my great honor.

When you hung her portrait here, when you named your first airship─I could see the vestiges of her love shining in your countenance then, just as it is now.

I only hope you continue to realize her greatest wish for you─to live as free and unfettered as the sky itself. ...I know she would be very proud.

A bit like herdin' coeurls, ain't it? Gettin' us adventurin' types all in one room. But well worth the effort, I'd say.

Moments like these are meant to be shared.

...Right! I believe we've got a new airship to fly─and the open sky awaits!

Now this is an airship... With how she handles, I could fly to the edge of existence and back without so much as a hiccup.

...Which I hear on good authority─or whatever authority Emmanellain is when he's in his cups─you have literally done.

I reckon I've never been such equal parts awed and envious...though I'll assume me invitation was simply lost by a postmoogle.

Nay, nay, in all candor─I'm certain there are some skies only meant for your eyes. Escapades surpassin' even my wildest imaginings.

So chart the ends of eternity and horizons filled with peril. Just don't think you've seen the last of what wonders these heavens hold.

I'll come find you again before long, Forename. And I'll bring everythin' I always promise─that thrilling, heady rush of high adventure!
Though farewell may be bitter sorrow, know that it is but fodder for reunions most gay.
No need to get mawkish, furball. It ain't as if Forename's droppin' off the face of the star. ...Not permanently, anyhow.
We'll meet again soon enough. Although Cait Sith is liable to mope like a damp kitten till we do.
I expect these parts will be free of half-baked brigands for a time yet, but should you ever find yourself in need of a Redbill, don't hesitate to call.
Thank you! 'Tis no small comfort knowing our ships may distribute their wares in safety.
...As for you, Forename─we'll be in touch.
Well, that was invigorating! While I'd love nothing more than to catch our collective breath over a cup of tea, business calls me to Ishgard. No rest for the enterprising and talented, as they say! Shall we, Duremert?

Might I persuade you to accompany us? I should very much like to hear of your adventures.

Painting subjects I find personally inspiring is a particular credo of mine, and I daresay you have brushed shoulders with more than a few individuals of note.

Thank you for indulging an old man's eccentricities. Now then─perhaps you could begin with the adventures you shared with Leofard and his crewmates...
Leofard intentionally off-loaded this in our direction, yes? Whatever could it be...?
What will you say?
A show of goodwill from the Redbills. Whatever it is, Leofard's a man of his word.
Oh, that's right! When Leofard spoke to me about finding Duremert, he did mention sending something along in thanks.
How mysterious! But now that I think of it, Leofard did mention sending something along when he asked me to track down Duremert.

Well, I would make quite the sight lugging this around to all my meetings, so might I ask you to hold on to it for the time being? I trust you not to run off with my share of the reward!

A gift from the notorious Redbills... You know, they're rather a nice sort of sky pirate, don't you think?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

A bright and energetic young lady is your employer, Forename. I hope shepherding me back to Ishgard did not delay her business overlong.

The tales you shared on the journey here were beyond anything I could have anticipated. Never have I heard such inspiring episodes of derring-do.

Though I may not know them personally, I find myself fascinated by the individuals you described─the comrades and acquaintances of your journeys. Yes, I believe I shall remain in the capital to paint for a time...

Should you desire a portrait, I would happily part with it for the cost of its supplies. Find me here, and we can make the arrangements.
I look forward to taking up my brush. Let us speak again once you have fulfilled your current obligations.

Welcome back! I just received word from Mistress Tataru─what's this about portraitists and sky pirates!?

Redbill Leofard gave you this? For the necklace?

It seems to be a leather strap of sorts...and an antiquated one at that...

...Wait a moment. I recognize this design from my studies! This...this is a relic of the ancient city of Mhach!

It is said that Mhachi sorcerers would weave these cords with magicks to make them unbreakable. You'd be hard-pressed to find better material for a necklace!

Oh, Mistress Tataru will be so delighted. She chatted endlessly about how pleased she was to know the Redbills and what sorts of products might prove useful to our daring new friends.

And the Rose Knights have already placed an order for the garrison, so all in all, I believe our latest endeavor was a brilliant success!

As always, we shall be on the lookout for new areas of opportunity, so I hope we can count on you to serve as our charming emissary again─in fact, I believe Mistress Tataru will insist upon it! Until next time!
Quest Completed
You may now purchase portraits from Duremert by speaking to him in Ishgard.
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