Stun (Status Effect)

Stun is a harmful status effect that stuns the player until it wears off or is removed. Afflicted characters will be unable to act for the short duration, and any spell or ability being cast as the stun takes effect is interrupted.
Status Effect
Inflicted Removed
Player Actions: Brutal Swing Icon.png Brutal Swing
Leg Sweep Icon.png Leg Sweep
Shield Bash Icon.png Shield Bash
Shoulder Tackle Icon.png Shoulder Tackle
Spineshatter Dive Icon.png Spineshatter Dive
Steel Peak Icon.png Steel Peak
Suppressive Fire Icon.png Suppressive Fire
Monster Abilities: Mob Action Icon.png Booming Bellow
Mob Action Icon.png Firecracker Shower
Mob Action Icon.png Overcharge
Mob Action Icon.png Ravensbeak
Mob Action Icon.png Shriek
Mob Action Icon.png Slipstream