• Currency can be one of the types found on the currency tab of your character info :
    • Gil, Flame/Storm/Serpent/Allied/etc Seals, Wolf Marks or Allagan Tomestones. Default is Gil.
  • Quantity is normally used when you receive more than 1 of the item (by default) upon purchase.

Currency and Quantity are optional.

When the item traded is not an actual currency, use the {{Trades}} template.

  • If the currency required is HQ, use |HQ=x
  • If the item received is HQ, use |HQItem=x


{{Sells|Copper Ore|2}}

(1 Copper Ore is sold for 2 gil)

{{Sells|Venture|Quantity=5|1000|Currency=Flame Seal}}

(5 Ventures are sold for 1,000 Flame Seals)

{{Sells|Weathered Auroral Ring|Currency=Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery|375}}

(1 Weathered Auroral Ring is sold for 375 Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery)