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The First Brood (Unending Codex)

Unending Codex Icon.pngThe First Brood
Acquired from: A Brother's Grief
Unending Codex
The First Brood
Though there are many exceptional dragons, the wyrms of the first brood are beyond compare. In a time before reckoning, Midgardsormr traversed the great expanse, bearing seven eggs as he searched for a new home. Arriving upon Hydaelyn, he formed a pact with the will of the star and secured for his children a bounteous dominion. The wyrms born of this clutch would grow into Hraesvelgr, Nidhogg, Ratatoskr, Bahamut, Tiamat, Azdaja, and Vrtra─beings of immense power and majesty. The seven then scattered to the far reaches of the world, there to spawn broods of their own, and thus did the dragons become legion.

Though they have the capacity to live for nigh on an eternity, several of the first brood have fallen. Bahamut was vanquished by the Allagans in the Third Astral Era, while Ratatoskr and Nidhogg's deaths marked the beginning and end of the Dragonsong War respectively.

Hraesvelgr, Tiamat, and Vrtra remain among the living. Vrtra, the youngest, is perhaps the most prominent of late, owing to his long-standing relationship with the people of Thavnair. Instrumental in establishing the nation of Radz-at-Han, he has long guided it from the shadows, only to recently reveal himself and formally assume the role of satrap in the wake of the Final Days.

Azdaja's status─whether she is alive or dead, much less where she may be─is currently unknown.