To Be Second Best

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   To Be Second Best
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png2,052
Guaranteed Rewards
Heavens' Eye Materia VII
Savage Aim Materia VII
Savage Might Materia VII
Informationicon.png Description
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Speak with Jajasamu at the Carline Canopy.
  • Speak with Arenvald in Rhalgr's Reach.
  • Speak with Arenvald.
  • Speak with Jajasamu at the Carline Canopy.
  • Speak with Y'mhitra at Apkallu Falls.
Issuing NPC: Y'mhitra
Old Gridania -Apkallu Falls  (10-6)
Type: Disciple of Magic Job Quests
Class: Summoner
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngAn Art for the Living,
Sidequest1 Icon.pngA Tearful Reunion,
Mainquest1 Icon.pngShadowbringers
NPCs Involved: Y'mhitraJajasamuArenvaldArenvald
NPC Locations
Y'mhitra in Old Gridania (x:10.9, y:6.3)
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Jajasamu in New Gridania (x:12.1, y:13.4)
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Arenvald in Rhalgr's Reach (x:10.3, y:10.6)
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Arenvald in The Lochs (x:37.3, y:34.2)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Y'mhitra in Old Gridania (x:10.9, y:6.3)
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  • Y'mhitra is eager for news of her sister.
  • After gratefully listening to news of her sister and other recent events, Y'mhitra informs you that Summoner Jajasamu, a member of the Immortal Flames' summoner squad, would appreciate your counsel on some undisclosed matter. It seems the lieutenant is currently on leave and taking his ease at the Carline Canopy...if you have a moment or two to spare.
  • You meet with Summoner Jajasamu, and the veteran mercenary speaks of his experience fighting alongside two young folk blessed with a resistance to primal influence. He seems bothered by the thought that their presence on the front line is less a choice than an imposed duty, and would have you ask their feelings on the issue. Arenvald, the more approachable of the pair, is to be found in Rhalgr's Reach.
  • You locate Arenvald with little trouble, and together you pay a visit to Fordola's cell in the city. The ensuing exchange reveals much about the young warriors and the motivations which drive them, but the ever-bitter Fordola soon bids you leave her be. Relenting to her wishes, you and Arenvald withdraw outside to the streets of the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
  • Putting aside Arenvald's revealing sentiment at glimpsing Fordola's true feelings, it would seem you've been given an answer to Jajasamu's concerns. Return to the Carline Canopy, and report to the lieutenant.
  • Upon hearing of Arenvald and Fordola's determination, Jajasamu himself resolves to provide the finest support he can muster─even if that means becoming the “second-best summoner in Eorzea.” He bids you send his regards to Y'mhitra before going on his way.
  • You return to Y'mhitra, and although she cannot claim you as a mentor, the scholar nevertheless seems inspired by the effect you have on your colleagues. To perfect the summoner's art and encourage the hearts of others─this is the proud burden you are fated to bear.
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