Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Abalathian Smelt Abalathia's Spine - Azys Lla Fiend Worm 12.1 im - 20.6 im
Abalathian Smelt Icon.png Believed to be a cousin of the goldfish, the platinum fish has fully adapted to life in the corrupted waters of Azys Lla's aetherochemical pools and now requires the aetherially charged liquid to survive. The dazzling sheen of its scales does not appear to be hereditary, however, and rather a result of an aetherochemical reaction caused by the pools.
Aether Eye Abalathia's Spine - Azys Lla Purse Web SpiderBrute Leech 8.0 im - 18.4 im
Aether Eye Icon.png Due to its lack of eyes, it was once thought this fish hunted like a bat, using sound to navigate the pools in which it lives. However, the popular theory amongst naturalists now is that it instead utilizes a strange organ on its head to detect concentrations of aether.
Aetherochemical Compound 123 Abalathia's Spine - Azys Lla Mooch im - 22.3 im
Aetherochemical Compound 123 Icon.png Unlike anything else on Eorzea, compound #123 is thought to be another of the Allagan Empire's failed chimeric creations. The creature seems to be harmless enough, feeding only on the tiny water lice which inhabit Azys Lla's aetherochemical pools. Its outer hide, however, has given many a naturalist pause as it bears a texture almost identical to that of a Lalafell's skin.

Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Acorn Snail Thanalan - Western Thanalan Midge Basket 3.0 im - 6.2 im
Acorn Snail Icon.png Believed to have hitched a ride on the hull of a trade ship, the acorn snale is an invasive species originally from the New World, far to the west. As it has few natural predators in Eorzea, its numbers have exploded in recent years.
Agelyss Carp La Noscea - Eastern La Noscea StreamerTopwater Frog 31.4 im - 51.4 im
Agelyss Carp Icon.png A rare species of carp that only can be found in the Agelyss River-so rare, in fact, that the smallfolk believe that even seeing one can bring seven days of good fortune to one's family.

Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Aegis Shrimp Thanalan - Central Thanalan Brass Spoon LureBass Ball 1.5 im - 3.8 im
Aegis Shrimp Icon.png Whereas other shrimp shed their old exoskeletons each summer in favor of new ones, the aegis shrimp simply adds a new layer every year until the shell is so hard, not even a blow from a trained pugilist can break through it.
Aetherlouse Mor Dhona (Region) - Mor Dhona Glowworm im - 31.9 im
Aetherlouse Icon.png A denizen of the deepest, darkest reaches of the abyss, where few creatures dwell, the aetherlouse has adapted its diet to include the minute traces of residue from underwater aetherial nodes.

Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Aithon's Colt Dravania - The Dravanian Forelands Magma Worm 14.1 im - 31.0 im
Aithon's Colt Icon.png Believed by some to be the son of the legendary steed Aithon, this lava-dwelling creature's body is shielded by a layer of thick glass which aids its movement in the magma.

Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Antlion Slug Thanalan - Southern Thanalan 10.3 im - 23.5 im
Antlion Slug Icon.png This sand-dwelling slug is able to maintain its mucous coating by absorbing the moisture from prey it catches at the bottom of conical pits not unlike the ones antlions are known to dig. A famous author once wrote a novel (that he claimed was based on fact) in which antlion slugs were actually intelligent rulers of an underground kingdom.

Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Anomalocaris Coerthas - Coerthas Central Highlands Mooch im - 40.4 im
Anomalocaris Icon.png At the apex of the Sea of Clouds food chain soars the anomalocaris, a breed of rift sailor that catches its prey by rising thermals high up into the heavens, and then plummeting headfirst into unsuspecting cloudkin before they have time to react. So beautiful is this predatory dance, that bards have written numerous ballads detailing its erotic intricacies.

Name Prime Locations Bait Size
Angelfish La Noscea - Middle La Noscea 21.7 im - 30.2 im
Angelfish Icon.png A small colorful fish native to the waterm waters of the seas near Meracydia. Since the Calamity, more and more have been caught off Eorzea's southern coastline.