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No creature displayeth such fairness in shape and nobility as the anteloupe, for he hath a bestriped cloak that shineth when the sun doth strike upon it, and mighty horns that reacheth heavensward. He devoureth only herbs and shrubs on grassy plains, and spurneth rotten meats. Nathless he be so swift, that he be likened to wint'ry winds in swiftness of flight.

A single male bringeth forth a company of divers bluish females to the place where he dwelleth, and he loveth his wives with a wonder love, and leadeth them hither and thither about the plains thereat, and is ne'er alone for because he is a-feared of loneliness.

If it hap a man hunteth the anteloupe, he is best to lurk in privy shadows and strike when a lone beast tarrieth after his kith, lest he be set upon by the company overcome with wroth.

The male antelope has distinctive stripes across his backside and a pair of prominent horns, while female exhibits a demure, bluish coat, they are wholly herbivorous, gregarious, and extremely fleet of foot, with males of the species engaging in polygamy. They mainly inhabit grassy plains and savannas, and are thought to communicate via the swaying of their tails. When hunting antelope, the most effective approach is to target a lone specimen, for the entire herd will attack should any of their members come to harm or danger.

Gender(s): Maleicon.png Femaleicon.png
Family: Beast
Level Range: 10-20
Common Drop(s): Doeskin
Antelope Horn
Uses Magic: X
Groups: Check