• Real Name: Jeff (Jayne) Burgess
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: MTF Transgendered
  • Location: Jacksonville, Fl

Final Fantasy XI Stats[edit]

  • Sign Up Date: October 28, 2003
  • Current Server: Midgardsormr
  • Current Character: 75 WAR/DNC Elvaan Female
  • Servers Played On: Cait Sith, Odin, Leviathan,
  • Favorite Race: Elvaan (Female)
  • Favorite Jobs: Warrior, Samurai, Dragoon
  • Favorite Weapon: Polearm
  • Favorite FFXI Location: Sanctuary Zi'tah
  • Bought Tidal Talisman.
  • Likes to Flirt with Mithra.


MidgardZolom has been a gamer since birth, His first games being flight sims where he played while sitting in his Dads lap at the computer. The first Console he owned was a Nintendo Entertainment System and with it he played many of what are now considered classics, Including Zelda, Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy I, and many more. Keeping up with technology he went through the SNES, the PSX, the PS2, and now the PS3 and Xbox360. He started FFXI the day it was released in the NA region on PC, eventually getting both the PS2 and Xbox360 versions as well.