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&action=edit + other notes[edit]

Many wikis out there do not treat /wiki/ as the same thing as index.php. It's part of the default MediaWiki installation to allow customization for different paths: the script path (/w/), an index path (/w/index.php) and an article path (/wiki), all of which can be seen in Special:Version. There's no reason to assume one wiki is the same as another in that regard. Clicking any red link, even category pages, will take you to the correct place to create them. Trying to futz about with the url yourself can lead to problems, as you apparently found out. If you found a page that lead you to a page where it tried to put &action=edit into the page name itself, however, please let me know as that's an error. Clicking around to any of the links on Category:Samurai Head as a random test, all took me to the correct places to create them (aka: None of them tried to put &action=edit into the pagename) so I'm not sure why you had an issue creating a page.

Great work with your edits! But your sarcasm is not needed, especially for something I believe you're misinformed about. The double-click to edit function not working is a new bug I haven't heard of, and might be fixed by swapping to a different skin than the default Susano one. (Ie: Vector)

PS: Not all missing category pages require Armor iLevel List DPL. If you're unsure what a category is for (Samurai Samurai's Arm for example), don't create it :) We have a bot that is going to fix most of the redcats on the site, but we were waiting for a better time to run it considering there's still a lot of work being done on the site by various contributors.

Hezkezl (talk) 16:03, 29 July 2017 (UTC)