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Hey there[edit]

First of all, great work on all the Lore stuff you've been working on! It's absolutely appreciated and badly needed around here. :D If you need any help figuring something out, feel free to ask me or User:Gahoo for help. We're the two most active admins, and we're almost always around in Discord, or our IRC chat room :) With that being said, would it be too much trouble to ask you to use the SMove or Move templates for when you need something redirected? The way our system is set up, there are things that 'link to' the old page which need updating if you change an old page (like Stone Vigil) into a redirect. It's an annoyance of the wiki system :( All you'd need to do is just put the Move template on the page you want moved/redirected, and make a note of what you want the new name to be. You don't need to edit any talk pages (like the template suggests.) When I, or any other admin sees that, we'll get it moved and all the 'link to's fixed as soon as we can :D You can create new redirects from blank pages/non-existent pages, but changing an old page into a redirect is a little more difficult on the wiki side.. Or, if you can't be bothered, let me know XD I'll just make a note of keeping track of your edits and seeing if anything you do needs correcting on the back end.

Thanks again for everything you've done! Let me know if I can help out somehow! (PS: Your Loremonger pages are a very welcome thing. I've got some tools I've created to create them automatically from the quest files, but any help getting old ones up is less work for me! xD) Hezkezl (talk) 16:03, 5 April 2016 (CDT)