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ARR Infobox Fishing[edit]

Hey there :D Thanks for looking into that code and trying to figure out what was wrong! Your code is a pretty good attempt :) That 'allowcachedresults' appearing as both true and false is an accident, so I'll go ahead and remove the 'false' one from there. As for the rest of your code.. it's close! I'll go ahead and give it a try for now and see what it does. There's a chance it might not appear to work for a little while, due to us being forced to temporarily turn our jobqueue off (the jobqueue is what the wiki uses to execute certain page edits. Any time a template is updated, it loads a lot of jobs to the system that needs doing.. You can take a look at the current number of jobs in the queue here for an idea of the current backlog.) Until we can turn it back on, we won't be able to process the queue very effectively so it might take a little while before the template change goes through!

Feel free to hop onto Discord and say hi in the meantime though! You can let myself or Gahoo know about any other fixes you might have. Thanks again for taking the time to try to diagnose those! I had completely forgotten about those broken Levels when we swapped to the /Fishlog subpage... whups. Hezkezl (talk) 23:20, 11 February 2018 (UTC)