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Where Everything Begins

Mainquest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Where Everything Begins

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in a level 90/620 instance with a 60 minute time limit.
Dark-robed Voidsent: The Fell Court of Troia (Zone) - Carcere IV (x:11.8, y:11.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Yedlihmad → Akyaali → Veteran Radiant → Passage to Troia Keep

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90Shadowed RemnantsMainquest1 Icon.png Shadowed Remnants (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Scarmiglione Card
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The dark-robed voidsent regards you questioningly.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the dark-robed voidsent.
  • Speak with Varshahn.
  • Speak with Zero in the Seat of the Foremost.
  • Defeat all enemies.
  • Defeat Scarmiglione.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png90Groping in the DarkMainquest1 Icon.png Groping in the Dark (Level 90)

  • The dark-robed voidsent regards you questioningly.
  • The dark-robed voidsent is willing to provide you with the information you seek─for a price. In this world, she explains, no one aids another unless they themselves stand to gain. The bargain is struck with an offer of aether, and you make your way outside the dungeon for a lesson on the void.
  • There was once Light here in the Thirteenth, but a terrible conflict known as the Contramemoria shattered the balance of aether, causing Darkness to engulf the world. Thus was all life transformed into voidsent. The dark-robed voidsent, however, is voidsent only in part, on account of having been touched by Darkness while still in her mother's womb, when the war had only just begun. Desiring a name by which to call her, Y'shtola suggests “Zero”─which the half-voidsent woman accepts with the disinterest of the damned.
  • Believing yourselves exposed, Varshahn suggests continuing the conversation inside the castle. Thus do you make your way to the throne room.
  • On arriving at the throne room, Zero demands her payment. But ere Y'shtola can provide it, Scarmiglione, whom you had believed slain, sets upon you once more. The archfiend reveals that death doesn't exist in the void, and you struggle to contend with his powers of regeneration─until Zero agrees to join the fray. All marvel as she uses her mysterious power to transform Scarmiglione's minions into crystals. With the odds made even, you turn to deal with the archfiend himself.
  • You succeed in overcoming Scarmiglione, with Zero delivering the coup de grâce and binding him in crystal. Taking the object in your hand, you experience a vision of the past─of a knight in black named Golbez, and those he proclaimed his four archfiends. Of greater interest, however, is the presence of what appears to be a wyrm...
  • From the memoria crystals and their part in the world-ending war to Golbez and his mysterious ambitions, you have been given much to consider─and doubtless have many new questions. Fortunately, as Y'shtola observes, Zero still owes you some few answers.

While the language of this world is similar to ours, it is her covenant with Zenos that should ensure we can understand one another.

The magick for summoning voidsent also facilitates communication, you see. Without this component, a mage would struggle to make his mind known to his servant.

I assume the dungeon was reserved for those intended for the mistress's consumption.

'Tis fortunate that we came here when we did. Fateful, even.

Zenos's avatar, eh? What are the odds.

We still know little about her, but for now I'm glad we found someone who can do more than moan for aether.
So, I doubt you came to the dungeon by pure chance. What is it that you're after?

We were looking for a voidsent with whom we could converse, in the course of which we learned of you.

We are visitors to this world, and know little and less of its workings and ways.

We would be grateful if you could tell us about it. About yourself.

So it's information you seek.

What do you offer for it?
...I beg your pardon?

Voidsent do not give unless we stand to gain.

If you desire something, you pay the price. That is the sole rule in this world you call the void.

That makes sense. Pray forgive our ignorance.

But what would be acceptable as payment? I suspect that such coin as we carry has no value here.

Voidsent crave one thing alone: aether.

In return for information, I offer you mine. Just not all of it, mind you. I still have need of my life.
Very well. I will tell you no more than you can afford to pay.
Then we have a bargain.
If we're to talk about the void, let us do so outside. Come with me.
Quest Accepted
You needn't worry for me. My life force is a small price to pay for her knowledge, and I will recover it quickly enough once we've returned home.
We cannot allow Y'shtola to bear the burden alone. When next the opportunity arises, I will offer my own aether.

Their “one rule” is no different from that of many in our own world.

It's those like Alphinaud who are a rare breed.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
This is where I belong. My home. This endless darkness you call the void...

There was once light here, and it shone its warmth upon creation. The lands were green and the seas were blue. Life flourished.

Before the war. The Contramemoria.
It must have been a terrible war indeed...
It shattered the balance, causing Darkness to engulf the world.

All life was transformed into monstrosities─voidsent.

We are the natural order now.
As Light begat sin eaters, Darkness begat voidsent.
The sun was driven from the sky as fleeting day yielded to endless night. In time, even land and sea lost their distinction.

And though the spark of reason had died in us, driven by memory's shadow, we formed factions and carved out domains.

This castle, for instance. Its erstwhile lord must have abided in such a place once upon a time.
If I may... The Darkness in you is too much for any man to harbor; to my eyes, you are indeed a voidsent.

Yet your knowledge of the past and your demeanor mark you apart from your brethren.

You are different, that much is plain. But in what way, I am unsure.
As you say, I am voidsent. But only in part.

The Darkness touched my mother when the war had only just begun. When I was still in the womb.

As a child, I looked like any other. But Darkness coursed through me, and I ceased to age when I'd become a woman grown.

But that was then, and now...I may as well be one in full.

I prey on the weak and serve the strong. I live to survive. Nothing more.
Forgive me, 'twas not my intent to pry...
I realize, too, that I've neglected to ask your name.
As we say “mortal,” you may call me “voidsent.”
That is liable to cause confusion. If you are not averse, we would address you by your true name.
Then call me what you will. I care not.
How about...“Zero”?
Meaning “nothing”? A name as fitting as any.
No, not “nothing,” but rather a “beginning.” For it remains to be seen what you will become to us.
As I said, I care not. Zero, then.
What will you say?
Here's to a fruitful partnership. I think it's a nice name.
Partnership...? Are you saying you wish to strike a bargain?
A name is a string of sounds. Its meaning has no bearing on my nature.
Well, Zero. While there is no end to the questions we could ask, 'tis only fair that we tell you our purpose in coming here.
We are searching for a dragon, one who came to your world long ago.
A dragon?
Yes. Azdaja is her name, and she is my sister. If you have any knowledge of her, I beg you share it with us.
Did you say something?
I thought I heard a voice as well. The keening of voidsent, perhaps...
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
“Beginning”... A curious notion in a world where all has come to an end.

No one else seems to be nearby. Perhaps it was just a trick of the wind...

If naught is out of the ordinary, I should like to hear more from Zero. I can't imagine there are many part voidsent like her who remember the world as it was.
We may have subdued the voidsent here, but I doubt they'll remain that way. Remain vigilant.

I must say, we are rather exposed here.

Perhaps we should continue the conversation within the castle.

The throne room is defensible, given its few points of ingress. Let us head back there.
Moving wasn't part of the bargain. I'll comply, but I expect my payment promptly.
You shall have it as soon as we've arrived.
I will see to the payment, and then we may ask Zero what she knows about Azdaja.
All appears unchanged here.
I feel eyes on us. Stay alert.
You must be a Disciple of War or Magic of level 90 or above to proceed.

Upon proceeding, several cutscenes will play in sequence. It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety.

In addition, you will be required to participate in battle. Your progress will be saved at certain points. In the event that you are defeated, you will be able to try again from the most recent of these.

Please note that if you enter battles associated with other quests or log out from the game, this progress will be lost.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
This place is as good as any. Let me have the aether now.
Very well.
You're mine!
Ahhh, that I should miss my mark...
That fiend again? But we struck it down─watched it die!
Fools. Death doesn't exissst in this world. And I─I am free to return whensoever I please.
Death doesn't exist...?

Of course. In the First, the power of Light─of passivity─prevents life from emerging in the Empty.

But in the Thirteenth, the power of Darkness─of activity─prevents life from finding rest, even should soul be separated from flesh.
So unless one's essence is absorbed by another, 'tis possible to return again and again...
Hm... Your aether─it is reminissscent of that creature's. Ahhh, my mouth waters at the memory...
I must devour you too. Yes, I must!
Ye drifting souls, by my power be reborn!
If it's another death they want, I say we give it to them.
If you could lend us a hand, we'd be much obliged.
That you would. But you already owe me a debt, and until you make good on it, I won't lift a finger.
We'll speak after you have won. But know that if you lose, I'll help myself to your aether.
That a bothersome duty should deliver to me this lavish feassst...
Come, struggle with all your might! It will make you that much richer and tastier!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Battle Dialogue
Every soul in this domain ssserves me now.
Come, feassst upon their flesh!
The castle answers his call...
We'd do well to break up this feast quickly.
Then let's see these guests on their way.
Behold the power of the archfiend of earth!
He means to resurrect them again!
Hmph, let them come.
Y'shtola: A troublesome foe...
He hastens their regeneration!
We are deathlessssss.
You cannot defeat that which cannot die!
Get clear!
Struggle and slaughter all you like!
This bodes ill...
Our foe has too great an advantage...
We need to drag him out of this damnable feast.
Quickly, stand together!
There's no end in sight...
A retreat may be in order.
Battle Dialogue Ends
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
When will you learn? No matter what you do, you cannot hope to win.
You never know until you try, and I'm always happy to experiment.
Zero─is there no way to stop them from coming back?
There is. But I have no reason to share it with you.
You know, Zero. You do owe us for one thing.

Your name.

You'll have your promised aether, but we are owed compensation for your name.
A name for which I did not ask...
But that I nevertheless did accept.
They've been crystallized!
Well now, that's quite the trick.
Come, my friends. With Zero's aid, we can defeat him!
What is this!? What have you done!?
Now that I think on it, you owe me a debt as well.
You may have missed your mark...but I won't miss mine.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Battle Dialogue
However incurred, a debt is a debt.
I will repay it here and now.
She can turn voidsent into crystal...
What is this power?
You will tremble before my true ssstrength!
Go forth and smite my foes!
Attend to the minions first.
More... I need more servants...
That's far enough.
Got you!

Trickery will not save you!

Prove your loyalty to me!
This will hurt.
Hm, impressive.

Pathetic! Useless!

Enough! Enough!
We cannot win without Zero. We must help her!
Zero needs our help!
Another debt to repay...

Hmph. If I must deal with you first...

I'll kill you all myself!

Finally getting serious, are we?

Very well, let us return the favor!
This place will be your grave!
This magick... We must stop him now!
Give it everything you've got!
No... I cannot—will not—lose!
Battle Dialogue Ends
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Fools! Do not think you have defeated me! I will return, again and again!

What? My flesh... Why won't it heal? What is the meaning of thisss!?

To seal aether in crystal...

Memoria!? But how? How can you have this power?

Death has no place in this world. We are beyond it...and yet...

Ah, Lord Golbez! You have sent me to my doom!

Curse you and your wretched flattery, and this abominable fate!
You are well come, seekers of might.
I, Golbez, have called you four hither...

I who would see us triumph in the coming crusade...

That I may entrust you with command of our armies.
Yes, yes, but what of the promised gift?
In exchange for our loyalty, we are to feast on the finest aether.
And so you shall. For if you are to serve me, you must be strong.
Then honor the pact, and pray we are not disappointed.
Very well. Behold.
The fiery wings, the savage pulses with life! Such vibrant aether!
This magnificent creature could only come from beyond the veil.
Indeed. Feast, my friends. Feast, and arise as my four archfiends!

As they are now, they can consume but a fraction of the dragon's aether.

Just as well. The creature may yet serve other ends.

Are you all right?
The voidsent's essence remains.
But it has been sealed away─transformed into crystal.
“Memoria,” Scarmiglione called them.
I take it they are connected to the war of which you spoke.
Aye─their use was central to the Contramemoria, hence its name.
And to my knowledge, the transformation is permanent.
I see. We thank you for coming to our aid.
I repaid a debt, and in doing so ensured that I receive my own due compensation. Which I shall have now.
Yes, yes. I still have work to do, so I would thank you not to get carried away.
Aether as the coin of choice. I appreciate the simplicity.
That makes us even, I trust.
Right, then─when you picked up the crystal, you experienced a vision, did you not?
A dragon resembling a great wyrm? I dare to hope that it was Azdaja...
Even as it pains me to think she has been made to suffer.
For the ambitions of this Golbez...
We've been given much to consider. Let us a take a moment to review what we know.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
There is nothing like the aether of a living mortal. I haven't felt so satisfied since my return.
If Golbez has Azdaja at his mercy, then we must find him. Hopefully Zero has knowledge that will aid us in our search...
We've vanquished one of Golbez's archfiends, but three remain. As troublesome as this one, I expect.

In light of our recent experiences, I expect we all have questions. I trust Zero can answer some few of them.

We should still be owed at least that much, I daresay.
Quest Completed
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