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A New Playing Field

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   A New Playing Field

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Marsak: Gangos (x:6.5, y:5.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Doman Enclave → Gangos

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png80Fit for a QueenFeaturequest1 Icon.png Fit for a Queen (Level 80)
071201.png80Futures RewrittenMainquest1 Icon.png Futures Rewritten (Level 80)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 71)

Resistance Rank: 10

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Zadnor Riding Map
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Marsak has new intelligence on the imperials' whereabouts.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png80Resolve UnshakenFeaturequest1 Icon.png Resolve Unshaken (Level 80)
071341.png80What Dreams Are Made OfFeaturequest1 Icon.png What Dreams Are Made Of (Level 80)

  • Marsak has new intelligence on the imperials' whereabouts.
  • Resistance scouts have confirmed the IVth Legion has abandoned Castrum Lacus Litore, and are now consolidating their forces at Zadnor. Despite the presence of the imperial fleet, Bajsaljen intends to confront the enemy, with Camp Vrdelnis as the staging ground.
  • As per Marsak's instructions, you speak with Sjeros, who is to act as your escort to Zadnor.
  • Thanks to the Ironworks' ingenuity and contributions from the Dalmascan resistance, Cid was able to erect a barrier to protect Camp Vrdelnis from aerial assaults. Bajsaljen has a mind to push the front line forward, however, and any outposts established hereafter will also require similar protection. Thankfully, the Ironworks already has a plan of action, which Lilja is eager to explain.
  • The Resistance seeks to secure new outposts closer to the imperials' base of operations, but to do so will require further barriers and a sufficient source of energy to power them. To that end, Cid and Lilja ask you to place devices in the field to redirect the flow of aether towards the proposed outposts.
  • Using the Ironworks' latest creation, the Resistance should be able to obtain all the power they need to maintain a barrier surrounding each outpost, assuming, of course, the devices actually work. You steel yourself for yet another foray into the battlefield, that you may carve the first foothold in enemy territory.

Blade Surname. We have at last determined the whereabouts of the IVth Legion's remaining installation here in Bozja. Our scouts reported sightings of their forces rallying at Zadnor to the north, which seems to indicate that Castrum Lacus Litore has been abandoned.

We deployed our vanguard to advance on the enemy stronghold, but the way is barred by a fleet of warships.

Now that Queen Gunnhildr no longer poses a threat, Bajsaljen intends to deploy the troops previously held in reserve. We will be joining them in Zadnor shortly.

Our first port of call is Camp Vrdelnis. When you are ready, Sjeros will escort you there.
When the time comes, I trust we can count on you to accompany us to Camp Vrdelnis. If you would speak with Sjeros, he can share with you the location of the outpost.
A great many of our troops have already left for Zadnor, and I intend to join them ere long. I hope to see you there as well, Blade Surname.
You will be leaving to Zadnor soon, yes? Rest assured I too will be along soon. I've not much to contribute to the fighting, but I believe my counsel may still be of some use.
Be careful when you get to Zadnor, Forename. With that fleet of ships looming overhead, it won't be just the troops on the ground you have to watch out for.
The outpost at Camp Vrdlenis is safe, at least, thanks to the chief. He can tell you more about it when you've arrived.
Curious that the IVth Legion would amass such a fleet and yet choose to retreat rather than attack. By all accounts they do not intend to fall back to Dalmasca, so what is it they are after, I wonder?
If you are wondering about our allies in Dalmasca, fear not—I have already requested reinforcements. I imagine it will not be long before help arrives.
I've been expecting you, Blade Surname. If your preparations are complete, let us depart for Camp Vrdelnis.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Thank you for coming. I understand this is your first time in Zadnor, yes? Even before the IVth Legion relocated here from Castrum Lacus Litore, it was hardly the most hospitable of places.

To see it now, one can scarcely believe it was once a rich and fertile land. Sadly, it was not spared the ravages of the Fourth Umbral Calamity.

In the wake of the disaster, this plateau became rich in earth-aspected crystals. Miners were keen to seize the opportunity, and they quickly exhausted the supply of this valuable resource. As the settlers had no other reason to continue living in such harsh environs, the region eventually became uninhabited.

Until the imperials decided to establish an outpost here, that is. Just when we thought ourselves prepared for their next assault, they usher in a fleet of ships from Dalmasca led by the Dalriada. It has yet to move since dropping anchor.

There is no denying the strategical advantage of their present location, but we are not yet convinced it is fit to serve as a new base of operations.

Regardless, rather than speculate over the imperials' schemes, we must take decisive action. Now is the time to deliver the final blow to the IVth Legion.

If we are to succeed, we will first need to deal with the warships stymieing our attempts to advance.
Well, it's a good thing you have us to help with that.
See those floating rock formations? One might think them a result of the Fourth Umbral Calamity, but they were actually caused by the Bozja incident.

When Dalamud struck the citadel, vast quantities of energy permeated the site, likely carried to every corner of Bozja via aether currents. Certain regions were affected more severely than others, and, well...the results are self-explanatory.

Thankfully, we've managed to tap into that energy to erect a barrier to protect from aerial strikes, much like Seiryu's Wall.
As you can see, the barrier only extends to the boundaries of this encampment, but it should keep us safe for the time being. Words can ill express my gratitude to Cid for all he has done for us.
I can't take all the credit. This wouldn't have been possible without the equipment supplied to us by the Dalmascan resistance.

What's more, the idea to use the land's residual energy came from Lilja, one of my newest engineers. So you see, it was a collaborative effort.

But as you said, the barrier can only cover so much ground. If the Dalriada decides to do more than loom ominously in the distance, our troops on the front line won't stand a chance.
If only it were a matter of combating their fleet with one of our own. As things stand, the Eastern alliance is in no position to lend us any of their ships, and the Bozjans have next to none in the first place.
We may not have a fleet, but we do have an abundance of residual aether at our disposal.
If only there was someone who could help us. Perhaps a world-class engineer and master of innovation or some such... <cough> <cough>
And pray tell, where might we find one of those?
Yes, yes, point taken. After all, I can't have newcomers like you stealing my thunder. I'll see if I can turn that idea of yours into a workable solution.
We would be lost without the aid of Garlond Ironworks and the Eastern alliance. Their goodwill must be repaid with naught less than victory.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Lilja has been asking after you, Blade Surname. I believe she wished to discuss another survey of the land with you.
If you have naught else to discuss with me, I will not keep you.
Our newly arrived reinforcements from the Far East have already taken to the field. Our debt to them must be repaid with naught less than victory.
No doubt you wish to join them in the field, yes? I will not keep you, unless there is aught you wish to discuss?
It would appear allies from the Far East have already arrived to help.
The armaments used in ancient Bozja can be recreated, I just know it. It will prove difficult without knowing how they were first crafted, but rest assured—I will see it done.
Ah, Blade Surname. What news from the front lines?
Good morning, Blade Surname. I very much look forward to hearing of your efforts on the southern front.
I will leave the unraveling of the imperials' plans to better minds like Bajsaljen. My skill set is of far better use on the battlefield.
Is there aught you wish to know about Zadnor?
By the sounds of it, the Ironworks' solution to protecting the Resistance outposts is not without its difficulties. That said, I have every confidence they will find a solution.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Now that you're here, we've a favor to ask of you. I volunteered to do it myself, but a certain someone insisted I stay put.
Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but I'd rather go myself than put any of my workers in harm's way. Besides, this is no job for an engineer. Long story short─the Resistance means to advance on the enemy's position, and to do that, they'll need protection.
We aim to erect additional barriers at each outpost they establish along the route to the IVth Legion's base of operations. The trouble is, the residual aether alone may not be enough, so we plan to divert the currents further afield.
Although the theory is sound enough, we haven't had a chance to put it into practice.
This is where we were hoping you might be able to help. We need you to take this prototype device and activate it at a specific location.
What will you say?
And that location would be in the middle of the battlefield, correct? Another day in the life of Eorzea's errand boy.
Why, however did you guess? As before, you only need set the device in place and we can handle the rest.
I know you're only joking, but please don't say such things. I couldn't bear the thought of someone thinking you actually meant that.
While the technology involved differs somewhat, in terms of what you actually have to do, it is more or less the same as the task you performed on the southern front.
Think of it as redirecting the streams of aether with a dam.
And to that purpose, allow me to introduce our newly patented defluxion aether manipulator, or “D.A.M.” for short!
Yes, well, questionable naming aside, I can vouch for its workmanship. All that remains is to put it through its paces.
Though I am loath to ask you to bear this burden, our greatest chance of success lies with you.
While you make your preparations, we shall attempt to locate a suitable current.
As for me, I'd best get back to the workshop. I'll see if there's aught that can be done about the Dalriada.
If you have finished your discussion, might I suggest also speaking with our secretariat? He has a wealth of information concerning Zadnor, which I am sure will serve you well.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
The barrier protecting this outpost should hold no problem, but I worry there won't be sufficient stores of energy at the next outpost, even if there is an aether current running under it.

Past surveys of the area have shown the currents can sometimes be severed in a way that prevents a proper flow of energy. But don't you worry, I'm already hard at work on a solution.

Speaking of which, I should be getting back to work. Unless, of course, there's something else you wanted to talk about?
So long as the IVth Legion controls the skies, it will be no easy task to advance on their position. That said, I am quite confident Cid's plan will offer us the protection we need to push the front line forward.
...Is there something you wished to discuss? If not, I will leave you to your duties.
Once you set foot beyond the Ironworks' barrier, you will face not only imperial troops, but aerial assaults.
Until we find a way to contend with their warships, I beg of you─be careful.
Now faced with the threat of their warships, I cannot help but wonder what other weapons may now be at their disposal.
It should go without saying that, beyond the borders of our encampment and the Ironworks' barrier, there is a chance you will fall prey to aerial assaults. So please, I beg of you—be careful.
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