Abyss Worm

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Abyss Worm
Level 50
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Species Description:
Genus Description:
Worms are massive, segmented creatures of voracious appetite. By rhythmically vibrating their long bodies hundreds of times in the space of an instant, they are able to produce waves in the sand beneath them, and thereby propel themselves at speeds which belie their ungainly appearance. Upon encountering prey, a worm leaves naught to chance, engulfing both its victim and a sizeable volume of the surrounding sand in its great maw. [1]

Zone Level Drops Notes
Copperbell Mines (Hard) (Zone)
  Dungeon Icon.pngCopperbell Mines (Hard)
 50 Aggressive.png
Dungeons (1)
Name Minimum Level
Copperbell Mines (Hard) 50
Name Description
Bottomless Desert Create a whirlpool of sand, drawing targets in and dealing earth damage.
Earth Break Erupt from the ground, damaging nearby enemies.
Sand Breath Breathe out a cloud of dust, dealing Earth damage to foes in a frontal cone.
Sand Cyclone Buffet a target with a whirlwind of sand, damaging them and dealing earth damage over time.
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