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Aether Current/Lakeland

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An Unreasonable RequestThe Astute AmaroImperative RepairsA Jobb Well DoneLogistics of War5.7-14.3-1.1 (side-curve ledge underneath stairs)9.4-17.7 (ledge near Amaro Keep at The Ostall Imperative)18.6-18.4 (at Radisca's Round atop an blue awning)34.5-11.1 (on a small wooden platform)32.0-14.6 (on a cliff edge)34.5-17.0 (on a cliff edge)37.3-21.1 (on the parapet of Fort Jobb)35.5-21.5 (on broken wall inside Fort Jobb, climb up from boxes30.1-23.9 (on raised rocky ledge)33.5-28.8 (highest platform of The Accensor Gate)LakelandCurrentMap.png