This quest is 'Obsolete' and has either been replaced with another quest or removed from the game entirely.
Removed Icon.pngAlive  OBSOLETE/REMOVED
Removed Quest
Removed Quest
Was Issued By: Guincum
Used to Require Class: Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic
Was Quest Type: Combat
Classification: Grand Company Quest
Formerly Required Quests: It Kills with Fire (Limsa Lominsa)
Formerly Unlocked Quests: Deus ex Machina
Obsolete Quest Journal Entries

Maelstrom Command has received a distress signal from a Garlond Ironworks airship. The vessel is believed to have crashed while on an expedition to upper La Noscea to survey a system of newly discovered ruins. First Storm Lieutenant Guincum has requested your assistance in the location and extraction of any survivors. Report to High Commander R'ashaht Rhiki at Camp Iron Lake for operation details.

High Commander Rhiki has informed you of the approximate whereabouts of the grounded airship and identified the safest route to the crash site as a mountain pass leading into Oakwood from the north. The route, however, is crawling with imperial operatives who also seek Ironworks survivors. Slay any operatives you encounter and secure the crash site before it falls into enemy hands.

  • Up to two party members may accompany you.
  • Use the imperial disruption from the interaction menu to prevent the imperial operatives from calling reinforcements.

Upon defeating the last of the imperial operatives, you spot a Garlean airship heading for the area identified by High Commander Rhiki as the probably scene of the crash. When you arrive, you are confronted by XIVth Legion Legatus Gaius van Baelsar, but escape certain death when Ironworks master Cid Garlond appears and urges the Black Wolf to stand down. Speak with Cid and his colleagues to learn more of what has just transpired.

According to Cid, the Meteor project is a complex scheme employing arcane magicks and lost Allagan technology to summon the lesser moon Dalamud-a giant machine, if his claims are to be believed-down to Eorzea in an attempt to annihilate all of the beast tribes in one fell swoop. Seemingly in conjunction with the project, Legati Gaius van Baelsar and Nael van Darnus are currently searching for relics known as "tomestones" said to contain records of the past, despite the fact that Ironworks studies have shown these items to be worthless...

Return to Camp Iron Lake and report your findings to High Commander R'ashaht Rhiki to collect your reward.

Obsolete Quest Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Guincum to begin the quest.
  2. Head to Camp Iron Lake in Upper La Noscea (X: 22, Y: 7).
  3. When you arrive at Camp Iron Lake you will enter an instance. Speak with Storm Captain Roehmannsyn, Storm Lieutenant Hidden Sunset, and Storm Commander Rhiki.
  4. After speaking with Storm Commander Rhiki, head to (X: 20, Y: 5); just northwest of Camp Iron Lake.
  5. Defeat the Imperial Hoplomachus (lvl 40), Imperial Secutor (lvl 39), and Imperial Mediculus (lvl 40).
    • Use the imperial disruptor to prevent the Imperials from calling in reinforcements.
  6. After watching the ensuing cut-scene, talk to Jijina, Ebrelnaux, and Cid.
  7. Return back to Camp Iron Lake and report your findings to Storm Commander Rhiki to finish the quest.