An Allied Perspective

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   An Allied Perspective

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in the open world.
Tataru: Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (x:22.2, y:8.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png50Volunteer DragonslayersMainquest1 Icon.png Volunteer Dragonslayers (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Tataru has a message for you from Alphinaud.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Alphinaud on the Royal Promenade.
  • Speak with Alphinaud.
  • Speak with Marcelain at the Gates of Judgement.
  • Defeat the Dravanian forces at Whitebrim. 0/6
  • Defeat the Dravanian forces at Providence Point. 0/6
  • Report to Marcelain.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png50The Steps of Faith (Quest)Mainquest1 Icon.png The Steps of Faith (Quest) (Level 50)

  • Tataru has a message for you from Alphinaud.
  • Tataru has received word from Alphinaud that the Alliance council has convened to discuss Ishgard's plight, and that your presence has been requested at the meeting. Travel to Ul'dah, and rendezvous with Alphinaud on the Royal Promenade.
  • You look on in silence as Alphinaud delivers an impassioned plea for assistance to the Alliance leaders. But despite his best efforts, he is unable to persuade them to pledge more than a token force to aid in Ishgard's defense. Citing local concerns more deserving of their resources, the leaders refuse to provide meaningful assistance, and suggest instead that you assemble a contingent of elite adventurers, similar to the company that proved so effective during Operation Archon. With that, the council is dissolved, and you are ushered out onto the Royal Promenade. Trouble Alphinaud for his thoughts on the day's proceedings.
  • Alphinaud's lamentations are interrupted by a linkpearl call from Captain Ilberd. It would seem the Dravanians have begun their assault on Coerthas. Wasting no time, the Crystal Brave commander dispatches his forces, and requests that you and your fellow adventurers assemble on the Steps of Faith, ready to repel the Horde. Make your way to the Gates of Judgement in the Coerthas central highlands, and report to Ser Marcelain.
  • Upon arriving at the Gates of Judgement, Ser Marcelain hurriedly briefs you on the skirmishes that have broken out around the central highlands. Before digging in for the main siege, you are to aid the Crystal Braves and your fellow adventurers in repelling the Dravanians' advance forces. Head first to Whitebrim, and slay the dragons that threaten the area.
  • You have defeated the Dravanian forces harrying Whitebrim. Travel next to Providence Point, and slay what dragons remain.
  • You have eliminated the Dravanian presence at Providence Point. Return to the Gates of Judgement and report to Ser Marcelain.
  • Ser Marcelain is dismayed to learn of the fate of the recently arrived reinforcements, and calls upon you to avenge your fellows in the battle to come.

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Oh, I've been so caught up with recruiting that I almost forgot! There's been word from Alphinaud.

Apparently, the Alliance leaders are convening in Ul'dah to discuss Ishgard's plight.

And they've requested your presence! As usual.

Anyway, you'd best make your way to Ul'dah, or you'll be late! Alphinaud said that he would meet you on the Royal Promenade.
Quest Accepted
Alphinaud asked that you join him on the Royal Promenade. Don't worry─Slafborn and I can handle the preparations here. Now, get going! It wouldn't do to keep the Alliance leaders waiting!
The Alliance leaders are already in attendance, sir. I do not think the grim mood within will be lightened by further delays...

My apologies for calling you away from your tasks. I had hoped to proceed with these negotiations one leader at a time, but it seems my urgent requests for an audience have prompted a gathering of the council.

Needless to say, I felt obliged to attend.

The Alliance leaders are already seated within. Let us join them, shall we?
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
We are well aware of Ishgard's dilemma, and we agree with your assessment.
Then I trust there are no objections to the Crystal Braves' intervention?
Ul'dah has none.
Gridania does not object.
The Crystal Braves are yours to command, Alphinaud. Do what you will. We shall pray for your success.
It was my hope that you would offer more substantial aid than prayer. I know it is within your means.
Do not presume that you have knowledge of our every concern. The Garleans and the beast tribes are but two of many.
We are not in a position to contribute greatly to the defense of Ishgard─not when our own homes are still under siege.
We dare not leave our interests in Carteneau undefended as well. Teledji Adeledji and his ilk would seize control of the territories in our absence.
The enemy is at their gates, and you would cower behind yours!?
No one is cowering, boy. We will offer what support we can.
Aye. Support. A handful of men and no more.
Would that we could commit more than a token force to this cause. Yet there are others to whom you might turn. The free companies ever want for work.
Ah, yes, the free companies... They're not like to turn you down.
I beg your pardon!? You would entrust the survival of Ishgard to sellswords!?
Crises like these are the very reason why this alliance was formed! It is our duty to aid our fellow man!
My duty is to my country and my people.

If you expect us to place the welfare of a foreign power above our own, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Lest you doubt, Limsa comes first, then the Alliance, and finally─circumstances permitting─Ishgard and the rest.

If you cannot understand so simple a concept, then you have no place at this table.
Forgive me, Admiral. I was...careless in my choice of words.
I suggest you assemble a party of elite adventurers, assuming you haven't already. Your fellows served us well during Operation Archon. I daresay they will do so again.

If I may, Your Grace, I wish to propose a redistribution of forces.

If we entrust the security of Ul'dah to the Brass Blades for a time, we can dispatch a larger force to Ishgard.

Your Grace?
Yes, yes of course. Do what you will.
Is Her Grace not feeling well?
To the best of my knowledge, Her Grace is in perfect health.
I see. Carry on.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
It is not my place to comment on the decisions of the council... Suffice it to say that I shall pray for your victory.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Once again, I owe you an apology. It seems you have been conscripted into leading a contingent of adventurers on yet another mission of inestimable danger.

...But I fear we have been left with little alternative. We cannot well abandon Lord Haurchefant and Ser Aymeric to their fate.

We must abide by the council's decision─as shortsighted as it is─and strive to fulfill our roles as Eorzea's guardians.

...Captain Ilberd. What news?

...Then the assault is begun? We have but this moment concluded our audience with the Alliance leaders.

Move our forces into position. Your unit will join House Durendaire at the Steel Vigil.

Man the cannons alongside the knights, and thin the Dravanian Horde ere they descend upon Ishgard. I will join you as soon as I am able.

Forename─I would have you and your adventurer allies bolster the defenses at the Steps of Faith.

Report first to Ser Marcelain at the Gates of Judgement, and he will direct you to where you are needed most. May the gods grant us victory!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Seek out Ser Marcelain, the keeper of the Gates of Judgement. The Steps of Faith lie just beyond his position, and he will know where the fighting is worst.

You are the appointed captain of the sellsword contingent? Then, welcome! There is no shortage of bladework to be done!

As we speak, Dravanian skirmishing parties are harrying positions across the central highlands.

I've assigned the Crystal Braves and your fellow adventurers to contain these scattered attacks─and for the present, I would have you join them.

This is, of course, merely a precursor to the assault on Ishgard proper. The wily serpents seek to divide and confuse our forces, but we will not be so easily drawn out of position.

The Temple Knights will remain on the Steps of Faith and continue our preparations. When the Horde arrives in force, they shall face a wall of Ishgardian steel. Report back to me once their advance skirmishers are slain!

I would have you assist the Crystal Braves and your fellow adventurers in slaying the Dravanians' advance skirmishers. Report back to me as soon as the threat has been eliminated.

You sense a hostile presence!

You sense a hostile presence!

What news, adventurer? ...The reinforcements? ...Decimated, you say? Dravanian devils! Damn their scaly hides!

Hold fast to your grief and fury, sir. We will avenge the deaths of your fellows in the battle to come!
Quest Complete

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