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An integral part of Far Eastern folklore since ancient times, an auspice is an animal that has ascended to godhood. Legends tell of birds and beasts which, having outlived their ordinary lifespan by decades, attain a scene of self. Over the course of a thousand years, such creatures gradually amass of physical strength, until one day the awaken to powers of divine magnitude. Auspices are considered deities in their own right, as awe-inspiring and respected as any of the kami.

These ascended animals are, however, plagued by a dual nature. When the boundless calm -the Nigimitama- comes to the fore, an auspice often serves as a benevolent guardian, protecting the people from malicious entities. But when the primal rage -the Aramitama- takes over, the auspice runs wild, wreaking disasters of divine proportions. Many a folktale and minstrel's verse is recounting of a heroic effort made to contain these rampaging beings.

Members: Byakko, Furi, Genbu, Inugami, Kamaitachi, Komainu, Koryu, Kudagitsune, Nue, Qitian Dasheng (NPC), Senri, Tamamo-no-Gozen
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