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NPC Icon.pngBismarck
  Lord of the Mists
Lord of the Expanse / Lord of the Mists / Lord of the Expanse
  Monster / Primal / Male

Last Known Location:

The Limitless Blue
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Long, long ago, in a time when not a single cloud marred the blue vastness of the sky, a stark white calf was born to a pod of sea-dwelling whales. The pale-hued Bismarck endured endless cruelty from his grey-skinned siblings, until one day they suffered the "abomination" to live no more. It is said that the gods wept at his piteous fate, and when his tortured soul ascended to the heavens they returned the white whale to life. His rebirth blessed by divine grace, Bismarck swam through the air, the whale's breath begetting billowing clouds until the sky was filled with a sea of tranquil mist. Master and creator of this peaceful domain, he thence became known as the Lord of the Mists.

Compassionate and gentle, Bismarck raised entire islands into the heavens to provide sanctuary for those who had suffered similar torments. The Vanu Vanu mark this occasion in their history as the moment when the Sea of Clouds became their home.

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