Burning Man

This quest is 'Obsolete' and has either been replaced with another quest or removed from the game entirely.
Removed Icon.pngBurning Man  OBSOLETE/REMOVED
Removed Quest
Removed Quest
Was Issued By: Flame Lieutenant Aubrey
Used to Require Class: Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic
Classification: Grand Company Quest
Formerly Required Quests: Arms Race
Formerly Unlocked Quests: Know Your Enemy
Obsolete Quest Journal Entries

You have accepted a task of the utmost import from First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey at the Hall of Flames. On multiple occasions, members of the Immortal Flames have been ambushed at the ferry docks to the west of Camp Horizon. Go to the docks and deliver the vengeance of the Flames to whatever enemies lie in wait.

You defeated the pirates responsible for the recent series of ambushes against the Immortal Flames. Soon after, Thancred and Urianger appear. Could they have had something to do with the attacks? Speak to them and learn what brings them to the docks.

Thencred reveals to you that he and Uraianger have both come to Eorzea from far to the northwest, but to what end? For now, return to the Hall of Flames in Ul'dah, and speak to First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey.

According to First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey, General Raubahn is about to give an address commemorating the reformation of the Immortal Flames. Hurry to the Royal Promenade in front of the palace, and observe history in the making.

Raubahn's speech served to galvanize the spirits of the Ul'dahns. But what does Thancred, who was also in attendance, make of the Bull of Ala Mhigo's words? Speak to him and hear what he has to say.

Game Script

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