Calling Back the Troops

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 51   Calling Back the Troops
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png25,200 Gil Icon.png581
Informationicon.png Description
Terremiaux is gravely concerned for the well-being of his subordinates.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Terremiaux
The Sea of Clouds -Vundu Ok' Bendu  (37-24)
Type: Sidequest
Unlocks: A Hasty RecoverySidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngBehind Enemy Lines
NPCs Involved: Rose Knight
NPC Locations
Terremiaux in The Sea of Clouds (x:38, y:24.3)
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Wounded Knight in The Sea of Clouds (x:34.1, y:27.2)
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Laniaitte in The Sea of Clouds (x:17, y:37.4)
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Rose Knight in The Sea of Clouds (x:35.2, y:23.5)
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Rose Knight in The Sea of Clouds (x:36.6, y:22.1)
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Rose Knight in The Sea of Clouds (x:37.6, y:23.6)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Terremiaux in The Sea of Clouds (x:38, y:24.3)
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  • Having sorely underestimated their enemy, Terremiaux finds himself separated from his subordinates. As they attempt to stay out of the Vanu's reach, he would ask you find them and see they withdraw from Vundu Ok' Bendu. Search for his three missing subordinates and relay his orders to withdraw.
  • You have relayed orders to all missing subordinates. Report to Terremiaux.
  • You return to Terremiaux, and his relief at the return of his subordinates is palpable. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done, and Terremiaux would ask you help him see his mission through.

The Sea of Clouds

Vundu Ok' Bendu

We did well to drive the Vanu back, but we vastly underestimated their numbers. What's more, they replenish their ranks faster than we can put them down. And because of our carelessness, three of my subordinates were cut off and scattered before making it back. I fear before long the Vanu will have them. I need you to find them, and instruct them to retreat back beyond the bridge. So long as they make it this far, I will see to it they are safe.
Time is of the essence, friend. You must find my subordinates before the Vanu do. They could not have gone far.


The Rosehouse

I did not realize the situation was so dire. Please do all you can to see Terremiaux and the others returned to us.

Voor Sian Siran

They plan to retreat back here? Understood. I shall await their arrival.

Vundu Ok' Bendu

Rose Knight #1
An adventurer? What are you doing out here? So, the lieutenant would have us withdraw. I suppose the supplies will have to wait.
Rose Knight #2
Aaahhh! Please don't frighten me like that. What? An order from the lieutenant to withdraw? Understood.
Rose Knight #3
They'll never find me up h— Hm? Retreat back beyond the bridge? An order I'm only too happy to follow.
Well done, Forename. Well done indeed. I dare not think what would have become of my subordinates and myself had you not come along. At last I can breathe easier, if only for a moment. Though nothing would make me happier than to return to Camp Cloudtop and put this all behind us, there is still work to be done. I trust I can count on your continued support?
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