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Chimera Genus Icon.pngMinotaur
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops
Minotaurs were third-generation chimeras assigned specifically to security detail for the Allagan Empire's complex and sprawling governmental and military research facilities. Tales of terrible beasts roaming the labyrinthine halls of these forbidden superstructures remained long after the fall of Allag, slowly transforming into the legend of the bull-like warden of the maze that lives on to this day.
Name Levels Zone Info
Abalathian Minotaur 69 The Lochs - Abalathia's Skull  (28-9)  Aggressive.png
Adulator ?? Eureka Hydatos - The West Val River Bank  (8.1-21.8)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Bovian Bull ?? The Nabaath Mines  (22.0-19.0)  Aggressive.png
Bovian ?? The Nabaath Mines  (22.0-19.0)  Aggressive.png
Canal Minotaur 70 The Lost Canals of Uznair (Zone) - The Sixth Sluice  Aggressive.png
Enraged Elpis Minotaur 80-90 Elpis - Kallimelios Zephyros - Southerly Zephyrneus (14.9-20.7)  Aggressive.png
Glassy-eyed Minotaur 60 The Fist of the Son - Advanced Clevering  (21.3-13.4)  Aggressive.png
Mahisha 70 The Lochs  Aggressive.png
Minotaur 60 The Fractal Continuum (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Molech ?? Eureka Hydatos - The West Val River Bank  (8.1-21.8)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Servomechanical Minotaur 16 70 Mor Dhona  Aggressive.png
Tikbalang 50 Blue Sky  Aggressive.png
Val Minotaur 52 Eureka Pyros - East Flamerock  (31.4-12.2)  Aggressive.png
Common Actions
Name Description
2000-mina Swipe
Disorienting Groan

Additional actions may be used by specific Species or specific Mobs. See specific species/mob pages for additional actions.

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