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Only when a creature grows more cunning, more aggressive, more deadly than its brethren is it worthy of a name.Frandelont Raimdelle
The content of this article or image is currently out of date and needs to be updated or archived to match the release of A Realm Reborn.

"Though these creatures can appear hauntingly similar to existing monsters, their ferocious nature sets them apart from their weaker cousins. Many an adventurer has met an untimely demise by failing to recognize risks that come with engaging these deadly adversaries. To ensure you fare better, this post not only includes in-depth views of three select notorious monsters, but provides screenshots for all twenty being introduced. It will also take a first-time look at three pieces of epic gear obtainable by slaying the beasts." - from The Lodestone

This category contains all enemies whose rank checks as "Impossible to Gauge," otherwise known as Notorious Monsters, or NMs. These enemies fill important roles in Eorzea, such as the progressing of a storyline or the dropping of rare (sometimes entirely unique) items and materials.

NMs may appear in a variety of different situations and can thus categorized by their different types. In addition, the methods of causing each to spawn my vary as well.

Types of Notorious Monster[edit]


See subcategory.

These are typically bosses in a storyline quest. They appear in special areas or within an instance only accessible by you and/or your party members. When entering one of these fights, you will be asked beforehand, "Duty calls. Would you like to proceed?" If the battlefield was part of a quest or storyline and you fail to defeat the NM(s) or you are disconnected, you can generally start the fight again by re-approaching the entry point.

Open World[edit]

See subcategory.

Generally hunted for their unique drops, these NMs appear openly in game zones alongside regular monsters; however, they typically take longer to appear and only one of each can appear at a time. Though they may sometimes appear similar to other mobs in the area of the same family, they present much more of a challenge.

Lesser Open World[edit]

See subcategory.

Appearing with Patch 1.17, these Lesser Open World Notorious Monsters are slightly weaker than their original Open World brethren. Much like the original Open World NMs, these too are sought after for their unique drops, although the items and equipment they drop are also of lower levels. Although more difficult to defeat than other common monsters, once defeated they will respawn in the same area quickly, allowing many chances to attain the treasures that they possess.

Faction Levequest[edit]

See subcategory.

Unlike other NMs, these cannot be sought out or come upon by chance. The very right to engage these monsters must be bestowed on you by way of specific Faction levequests, at the expense of your accumulated faction points. If you are skilled enough to best your enemy, however, the rewards greatly outvalue the cost...

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