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Daddy Longlegs

Yarzon Icon.pngDaddy Longlegs  NMicon.pngZoneicon.pngMob18 Icon.png
Bog Yarzon
Level 22
HP 18,720
MP 0
Daddy Longlegs.png
These carnivorous insects are easily recognized by their long, spindly legs and compact bodies. When hunting, a yarzon first seeks to immobilize its prey by spraying its joints with a stream of corrosive bile. Having done so, the vilekin then penetrates the victim's cranial cavity with its dagger-sharp feeding rube and sucks out the brain. Species of the yarzon can be found thriving in both humid marshes and arid badlands around Eorzea- a testament to the creature's impressive adaptability. [1] Fiercely territorial, these creatures will attack anyone who strays too close to their riverbank nests, making them the bane of fisherfolk. They typically fall upon their prey en masse, barring all avenues of escape before closing in for the kill. [2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Western Thanalan - The Footfalls - Parata's Peace (14-7)
  FATE Icon.pngHe's Got Legs
 22 Blue Yarzon Leg Icon.png Blue Yarzon Leg Aggressive.png
FATEs (1)
Name Level Location
He's Got Legs 22 Parata's Peace
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